Bed Wed Dead A Game of Dirty Decisions Card Game


Bed Wed Dead: A Game of Dirty Decisions is a riotous, cheeky party game that guarantees to spice up any gathering. This game, packed with giggles and blush-worthy scenarios, is the perfect antidote to mundane evenings. Dive in as we dissect the strategies, tips, and uproarious fun that this game offers.


Mastering the Basics: Grasping the Rules

💡Game Tip: Always start with a light-hearted approach to ease everyone into the game.

Understanding the game is the cornerstone of fun. Each player draws three cards, each depicting a different character. The challenge? Decide who to ‘Bed’, ‘Wed’, or ‘Dead’. Remember, humour is key in this game, and it’s more about the journey than the destination.


Strategy and Tactics: Playing Your Cards Right

💡Game Tip: Keep your opponents guessing with unpredictable choices.

Strategy in Bed Wed Dead lies in the art of surprise. While some decisions might seem obvious, throwing a curveball can make the game infinitely more entertaining. Gauge your friends’ reactions and adjust your strategy accordingly.


The Art of Persuasion: Convincing Your Mates

💡Game Tip: Use persuasive language to sway opinions – but in a jovial manner!

In this game, sometimes you need to defend your choices. Use wit, humour, and a bit of charm to justify your decisions. It’s not just what you choose, but how you sell it that counts.


Setting the Scene: Perfect Game Night Atmosphere

💡Game Tip: Dim the lights and play some background music to set a relaxed mood.

Ambiance is crucial. A comfortable setting where everyone feels at ease can elevate the game experience. Soft lighting and background tunes can turn a simple game into an unforgettable night.


Inclusion and Respect: Ensuring Comfort for All Players

💡Game Tip: Always respect boundaries and never force anyone to explain their choices.

While the game encourages risqué topics, it’s vital to maintain a respectful and inclusive environment. Remember, everyone’s comfort zone is different.


Advanced Play: Adding a Twist to the Game

💡Game Tip: Introduce ‘wild card’ rules for an extra layer of hilarity.

Once everyone is comfortable, why not add some house rules? For instance, a rule where players must explain their choices in the style of a famous character can add an amusing spin to the game.


Keeping Score: Friendly Competition

💡Game Tip: Use a creative scoring system to add a competitive edge.

While Bed Wed Dead is usually not about winning, adding a scoring system can spice things up. For example, award points for the funniest or most creative answers.


The Aftermath: Sharing Laughs and Memories

💡Game Tip: Take a moment after the game to share your favourite moments.

After the game, reminisce about the funniest decisions and scenarios. It’s a great way to bond and share laughs, making the game memorable.

Bed Wed Dead: The Ultimate Party Game Showdown

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🌟Customer Reviews

  1. Jameson: “Absolutely hilarious! Every round was full of surprises and belly laughs.”

  2. Georgina: “The perfect ice-breaker for our get-togethers. Can’t wait to play again!”

  3. Raj: “This game brought a new level of fun to our friend group. Highly recommend!”



Don’t miss out on this video review to see why Bed Wed Dead is the must-have game for your next party night!



Bed Wed Dead is more than just a game; it’s a catalyst for laughter, bonding, and unforgettable memories. With the right mindset, a touch of strategy, and a respect for everyone’s comfort, this game can be the star of any social gathering. Happy gaming!


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15th January 2024