Life Beyond the Game: Exploring the Depth of Motherhood with Board Gamer Mums

Unboxing the World of Board Gamer Mums

You’ve heard of soccer mums, tech mums, and perhaps even yoga mums. But there’s a new tribe in town that’s making waves in the colourful world of cardboard and dice: the Board Gamer Mums. These aren’t just mums who indulge in a casual game now and then.

No, they explore board gaming deeply, seeing similarities between game twists and the ups and downs of motherhood.

But what drives them? And what lessons does the game board offer that resonate in the journey of motherhood? Let’s roll the dice and find out.


What does it mean to be a Board Gamer Mum?

Embracing a dual identity, a Board Gamer Mum thrives in the vibrant world of board games, strategizing, plotting, and enjoying playful banter.

Simultaneously, she deftly navigates the roles and responsibilities of motherhood. Beyond hobby, board gaming mirrors life’s challenges and joys, offering insights into a mother’s daily journey.


How can board games act as life simulators for mums?

Board games, especially the intricate strategy ones, require careful planning, quick decision-making, and adaptive strategies – much like motherhood.

While manoeuvring a board game, a mum may find parallels between the game’s challenges and her real-life situations, whether that’s resolving conflicts, managing resources, or handling unexpected curveballs.


What life lessons do board games offer mums?

  • Exercising Patience: Board games impart the lesson of waiting for the opportune moment or one’s turn to make a move. Likewise, the journey of motherhood is filled with instances that call for patience, including everything from managing a child’s tantrums to witnessing their gradual developmental milestones.
  • Celebration of Small Wins: Following suit, board games teach us that every point or successful move is a step closer to victory. In the same vein, motherhood is about cherishing the small, precious moments—a child’s first steps, their innocent questions, and the little achievements that make each day special.
  • Adaptability: In a similar fashion, the roll of a dice can drastically alter the course of a board game, demonstrating how unpredictable life can be. Accordingly, playing games helps moms become more flexible, enabling them to go with the flow during the various ups and downs of raising kids.


How do board games help mums connect on a deeper level?

Beyond the game’s competitive spirit, board gaming sessions often become a medium for mums to bond and share personal stories. These gatherings become safe spaces to express hopes, fears, joys, and challenges.

The mutual passion for board games becomes a bridge, facilitating deeper connections and emotional support.


Board games provide an escape, fun, and friendly competition, holding deeper significance for mothers, and embodying much more than mere recreation. Through the lens of these games, they explore life’s challenges, celebrate its joys, and find camaraderie with fellow gamer mums, making the journey of motherhood a little more colourful and a lot less lonely.

21st July 2023