Build Your Future: Remnants – Board Game of the Day

Welcome to your next tabletop adventure: Remnants, our spotlight as Board Game of the Day. This game throws you into a post-apocalyptic world where every decision can shape your survival and prosperity.

💡Game Tip: Begin with simpler strategies and gradually adopt more complex ones as you familiarize yourself with the game’s mechanics.


Unpacking the Game

Remnants comes brimming with intrigue, packaged in a box full of high-quality components—cards, dice, tokens, and a modular board that sets the stage for your wasteland journey. Setting up involves arranging the game board and distributing resources among players, setting the tone for a session of strategic survival.

💡Game Tip: Double-check all game components against the list in the instructions to ensure nothing is missing before your first game.


Game Mechanics

The essence of Remnants lies in its dice-rolling and real-time resource gathering. Players must quickly choose between scavenging for supplies, building their compound, or fending off raiders. The mechanics are intuitive yet offer deep strategic layers, providing a robust challenge for gamers.

💡Game Tip: Prioritize resources that align with your chosen strategy to maximize your efficiency during the gathering phase.


Strategies for Success

For novices, mastering the balance between defence and resource accumulation is crucial. Seasoned players will benefit from focusing on synergy between compound upgrades and maximizing raider defence strategies, turning their bastion into an impenetrable fortress.

💡Game Tip: Keep an eye on your opponents’ compounds to anticipate their next moves and adjust your strategy accordingly.


Thematic Elements

The dystopian theme of Remnants is not just backdrop but a core aspect of gameplay. Each game piece and card immerses players in a world struggling to rise from the ashes, making strategic decisions impactful and thematic.

💡Game Tip: Use the theme to inspire your strategies, considering how survivors would realistically act in a post-apocalyptic scenario.


Player Interaction

Interaction in Remnants ranges from collaborative resource sharing to fierce competition over scarce upgrades. The game’s diplomatic angle comes into play when negotiating with other players for resources or temporary alliances, adding a layer of human intrigue to the strategy.

💡Game Tip: Effective negotiation can turn the tide of the game, so consider your diplomatic strategies as important as your resource strategies.


Replayability and Extensions

No two games of Remnants are the same, thanks to variable setup options and dynamic gameplay. The base game is greatly expanded by its expansions, which introduce new factions, scenarios, and strategic options, keeping the game fresh and engaging long after the first play.

💡Game Tip: Explore different expansion packs to continually challenge your strategic thinking and keep the gameplay exciting.


Community and Support

The Remnants player community is a vibrant hub of enthusiasts, offering online forums, strategy guides, and fan expansions.

Official support includes organized play events and tournaments, providing a platform for competitive play and community engagement.

💡Game Tip: Join online forums and engage with other players to learn new strategies and stay updated on community events.


🌟Customer Reviews:

T.G.: “Remnants has quickly become a favorite in our game nights. The strategy and intensity keep everyone on their toes. A must-have!”

L.S.: “I was genuinely surprised by how much I enjoyed Remnants. The balance between competition and cooperation is just right. Highly recommend it!”

J.R.: “From the quality of the pieces to the intriguing gameplay, everything about Remnants is top-notch. It’s challenging, fun, and really makes you think.”

M.K.: “This game is a blast! The post-apocalyptic theme is well executed and adds so much to the strategic depth. Can’t wait to play again!”

S.F.: “As an avid board gamer, Remnants stands out for its unique mechanics and replayability. Every game is different, which keeps it exciting and engaging.”



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Remnants is not just a game but a test of your strategic mettle and capacity to adapt. Today’s Board Game of the Day, promises not only entertainment but also a challenging and rewarding experience that mirrors the trials of rebuilding a world from remnants.

Whether you’re a casual gamer or a dedicated strategist, Remnants offers a compelling blend of survival, strategy, and the stark beauty of a post-apocalyptic world. Grab your copy and build your future in the wasteland

💡Pro Tip: Regularly playing Remnants can significantly enhance your strategic planning and crisis management skills, useful in both gaming and real-life scenarios.


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3rd May 2024