Far below the ocean, ancient allied races hold council and struggle for supremacy. If you would rise to rule this underwater kingdom, you must explore deep into the depths, gathering allies and destroying the monsters that threaten your civilized way of life. You must sway the council of allied races to support your claim, recruit great lords, and claim key locations, all the while profiting from your opponent’s efforts. Gather your undersea supporters and rise to rule the Abyss!

  • A game for 2-4 players
  • Game length 45+ mins
  • For ages 14+

Abyss is a board game that invites two to four players to join the power struggle in the tumultuous realms beneath the sea. In every game, you will explore the depths to gather allies and precious pearls. Using these resources, you can call the lords of the ocean to your cause, taking advantage of their skills and talents to gain an unexpected edge or hinder your foes. Ultimately, you must use the power of these lords to take control of locations and spread your influence until you command this underwater domain.