Concordia Game

Unleash Your Trading Prowess in Concordia

Experience the grandeur of the Roman Empire in Concordia, a captivating board game where traders compete to build the most formidable empire in the Mediterranean. With a focus on strategy and economic development, Concordia offers players a unique and engaging gameplay experience.

Set your sights on victory as you send colonists, navigate trade routes, and seek divine favor.

💡 Tip 1. Stay One Step Ahead: Keep a close eye on your opponents’ goals and actions. Anticipate their moves and strategically position yourself to outpace them.


Unleash Your Trading Prowess: A Strategy Game Like No Other

Concordia stands out as a strategy game that challenges players to rely on their strategic abilities rather than the luck of the dice. With each decision, you must carefully observe your rivals’ actions to outmaneuver them and claim victory.

Send colonists from Rome to settle in cities, gather valuable resources like bricks, food, tools, wine, and cloth. Throughout the game, you’ll acquire cards that serve dual purposes: allowing you to choose actions and earning victory points at the end.

💡 Tip 2. Diversify Your Resources: Building a robust trade network is essential. Acquire various resources to maximize your economic potential and gain an advantage over your competitors.


🌟 Customer Opinions: What Players Are Saying

Concordia has earned praise and admiration from board game enthusiasts worldwide. Here’s a glimpse of what players have to say about this immersive experience:

“Concordia is a hidden gem among strategy games. Its blend of economic development and skillful decision-making keeps me coming back for more. Every session feels fresh and engaging.” – John, avid board gamer.

“The modular layout of cities and the wide variety of available cards make Concordia an incredibly replayable game. It’s a strategic masterpiece that challenges me with every playthrough.” – Sarah, board game enthusiast.

“I appreciate how Concordia combines strategic planning with resource management. The game’s depth and beautiful artwork make it a standout choice in my collection. Every decision feels impactful and rewarding.” – Mark, board game collector.


For an in-depth review of Concordia, check out this informative video review by Nights Around a Table. Gain valuable insights and witness the game in action before embarking on your Roman adventure.


💡 Tip 3. Timing is Everything: Pay attention to the sequence of new cards available for purchase and plan your actions accordingly. Timing your moves can give you a significant edge in Concordia.


Concordia is a masterfully crafted strategy game that transports players to the Roman Mediterranean. Unique gameplay, strategic focus, high replayability – Concordia captivates global enthusiasts with its engaging mechanics and trading emphasis.

Immerse yourself in the world of Concordia and embark on a journey to build your empire!

19th January 2023