Game of the Day - D&D: Rock Paper Wizard

Uncover the Thrills of D&D: Rock Paper Wizard, Where Spells Collide!

Prepare to embark on an extraordinary adventure with D&D: Rock Paper Wizard, a captivating board game that seamlessly merges the enchanting realm of Dungeons & Dragons with an exhilarating spellcasting showdown.

Immerse yourself in a world of magic, strategy, and fierce competition as you engage in an epic battle of wits!


Engage in a Battle of Wits and Sorcery in Rock Paper Wizard

💡 Game Tip: Carefully choose your wizard’s spell and cast it by replicating the intricate hand gestures depicted on the cards before you. Precision is paramount!

Step into the shoes of a skilled wizard in this brand new edition of Rock Paper Wizard, where you find yourself in the aftermath of a treacherous cave expedition that culminated in the defeat of a fearsome dragon.

However, the spoils of victory ignite a heated dispute among you and your fellow wizards. And as any self-respecting mage would do, it’s time to settle the argument in the most magical way possible—a spell battle!


Claim Your Share of the Dragon’s Hoard and Prove Your Wizarding Prowess

💡 Game Tip: Chant “Rock, Paper, Wizard” in unison with your fellow players, and when the moment arrives, channel your chosen spell by directing it towards your intended target.

In D&D: Rock Paper Wizard, the race to accumulate 25 gold pieces indeed kicks off! Initially, your skills in outwitting and outmaneuvering your adversaries will be put to the test. As you navigate the mystical battlefield, you’ll be deftly casting spells. Simultaneously, with every calculated move you make, you’re also vying for wealth. Therefore, both strategy and skill are crucial components in this thrilling game.


⭐️ Hear What the Players Say:

“This game is an absolute blast! The blend of Dungeons & Dragons lore with a spellcasting system based on hand gestures creates an unparalleled and immersive experience.”

“I love the versatility offered by each spell card. It injects fresh excitement into every session, making each playthrough unique.”

“This game brings an unparalleled level of competitiveness to the table. It’s a must-have for any enthusiast of fantasy and strategy games.”


Unleash the Power Within and Embrace Victory!

💡 Game Tip: Each unique spell card manipulates gameplay. Push opponents, advance, or control coins; strategic choices shape your victory path!

If you’re seeking a board game that seamlessly fuses the rich tapestry of Dungeons & Dragons with the thrilling intensity of spellcasting, then look no further than D&D: Rock Paper Wizard.

Gather your friends, summon your wit, and embark on an extraordinary quest to claim victory in this captivating and magical realm.


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12th August 2020