monster laundry

Monster Laundry is an exciting action-packed board game where players compete to hang the most monsters on a washing line in the monster laundry room. With its fast-paced gameplay and adorable monster theme, this game is perfect for players of all ages. Get ready to show off your dexterity skills and become the ultimate clothes-hanging champion!

Fun-Filled Monster Madness

In Monster Laundry, players find themselves in a lively monster laundry room, surrounded by creatures eager to get rid of the yucky smell. The game captures the chaotic atmosphere of a laundry day with monsters running amok and water splashing everywhere.

It’s a delightful and immersive experience that will keep players engaged from start to finish.

💡 Tip 1. Stay Alert and Focused: Pay close attention to the criteria for hanging monsters and be ready to act quickly. Keep your eyes on the washing line and react swiftly to grab the right monsters at the right time.


Dexterity Challenge

The core mechanic of Monster Laundry revolves around quick reflexes and hand-eye coordination. Players must grab monsters and hang them on the washing line, either on their left or right side, based on specific criteria. The race to be the fastest player adds an adrenaline rush to the gameplay, making every round a thrilling challenge.

💡 Tip 2. Master Your Grip: Practice your grip to improve your dexterity and speed. Experiment with different techniques to find the most effective way to grab and hang monsters. Precision is key!


Golden Clothespins as Rewards

As players compete to hang monsters, the fastest one receives a golden clothespin as a reward. These precious pins serve as victory points, and the first player to collect three of them becomes the winner.

The competitive element and the pursuit of the golden clothespins add an extra layer of excitement and strategic decision-making to the game.

💡 Tip 3. Strategize for Victory: While speed is essential, don’t forget to plan your moves strategically. Consider the positioning of the monsters on the washing line and aim to create favorable opportunities for yourself while hindering your opponents.


Monster Laundry: Family-Friendly Fun

Suitable for players of all ages, with a recommended age of 7 and above.

It’s a perfect choice for families looking to spend quality time together or for gatherings with friends. The game’s simple rules and quick playing time of 15 minutes make it accessible and enjoyable for everyone, from children to seasoned gamers.

💡 Tip 3. Embrace the Chaos: Monster Laundry can get hectic and unpredictable, but that’s part of the fun! Embrace the chaos and adapt to unexpected situations. Quick thinking and flexibility will give you an edge over your competitors.


Monster Laundry Board Game

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🌟 Customer Opinions: 

These testimonials highlight the positive experiences shared by players who have thoroughly enjoyed,

🌟 It is a fantastic family game that keeps everyone entertained. The fast-paced gameplay and adorable monster theme make it a hit with kids and adults alike. – Jennifer H.

🌟 I love the competitive aspect of this game. It’s a great game to play with friends, and the golden clothespins add an exciting element of rivalry and strategy. – David M.

🌟 The dexterity challenge is addictive. It’s so satisfying to hang the monsters quickly and collect those golden clothespins. Highly recommended for fans of action-packed games! – Sarah T.


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A game that brings laughter and excitement to the table. With its immersive theme and fast-paced gameplay, players of all ages can enjoy a thrilling experience.

So gather your friends and family, and let the monster laundry mayhem begin!

30th June 2023