Game Of The Day Walk The Plank Deluxe Tin Edition

Unleash Your Inner Pirate and Conquer the Plank with Walk the Plank: Deluxe Tin Edition!

Are you ready to set sail on an exciting pirate adventure?  Prepare to set sail on a thrilling pirate escapade like no other with the captivating Walk the Plank: Deluxe Tin Edition! Immerse yourself in the vast ocean and engage in a battle for survival against your fellow scallywags. Step onto the deck, hone your cutlass, and get ready to showcase your prowess as a cunning pirate!


A Treacherous Test of Wit and Strategy

Walk the Plank: Deluxe Tin Edition is a game that demands strategic thinking and careful planning. With a duration of just 20 minutes, this fast-paced game is perfect for both casual players and seasoned buccaneers. Gather a crew of 3-5 players, aged 8 and above, and set sail on an intense battle of wits.

💡 Tip: Communicate and collaborate with your crewmates to outsmart your opponents and secure your spot as one of the last two pirates standing!


Push, Shove, and Conquer the Plank

In this game, there’s no room for the timid. The objective is simple: be the last pirate standing on the ship’s plank! To achieve victory, you’ll need to use cunning tactics to shove your opponents overboard while staying firmly on the ship. It’s a game of survival, where only the boldest and cleverest pirates can emerge triumphant.

💡 Tip: Plan your moves carefully and anticipate your opponents’ actions. Timing is everything when it comes to outmaneuvering your rivals!


walk the plank deluxe

Immersive Components and Captivating Artwork: Walk the Plank in Style

Walk the Plank: Deluxe Tin Edition not only offers exciting gameplay but also delights with its immersive components and captivating artwork. The beautifully designed tin packaging ensures easy portability, allowing you to take the adventure with you wherever you go. Prepare to be captivated by the stunning illustrations that bring the pirate world to life!

💡 Tip: Take a moment to appreciate the attention to detail in the artwork—it truly enhances the immersive experience.


🌟 Customer Opinions:

“A barrel of fun! The compact tin packaging makes it perfect for travel, and the gameplay never fails to keep us entertained. Highly recommended for all pirate enthusiasts!” – CaptainJollyRoger87

“I love the competitive nature of this game. It’s a real challenge to outwit your opponents and secure your place on the plank. Plus, the artwork and components are top-notch!” – Sailin’Sally

“This game brings out the pirate in everyone! It’s easy to learn, but the strategic depth keeps us coming back for more. A definite hit at game nights!” – SeadogSam


Check out this exciting video review to get a taste of the swashbuckling action that awaits you:


Become a cunning pirate in Walk the Plank: Deluxe Tin Edition. This fast, strategic game challenges wit. Join the adventure today!

5th January 2021