Game of the day - Bang! 4th Edition Card Game

BANG! – A Wild West Shootout with Hidden Roles

Unleash Your Inner Gunslinger in BANG!

Step into the thrilling world of the Wild West with BANG! card game that pits players against each other in a fierce shootout. Embrace your hidden role as you navigate a web of deceit and strategy.

💡 Game Tip: Strategize your card play by carefully managing your hand limit and leveraging your character’s unique abilities to gain an edge over your opponents.


Unravel the Mystery of Hidden Roles

BANG! introduces a captivating twist with its hidden role mechanic. As you draw your character and role cards, unravel the mystery of who’s who among the gunslingers. Will you be the Sheriff, a loyal Deputy, a cunning Outlaw, or the unpredictable Renegade?

💡 Game Tip: Pay close attention to the actions and choices of other players, as they may provide crucial clues about their hidden roles. Use deductive reasoning to determine who is friend or foe.



Choose Your Side Wisely in Bang!

The battle lines are drawn, and it’s up to you to choose your side wisely. The Sheriff aims to protect the town, the Deputies support the Sheriff, the Outlaws seek to eliminate the Sheriff, and the Renegade plays a dangerous game of survival.

💡 Game Tip: Consider your character’s special abilities and align your actions with your role’s victory condition. Work with your allies covertly while keeping an eye out for potential traitors.


Quick and Intense Shootouts

BANG! card game offers fast-paced gameplay that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Each round brims with suspenseful card plays and unexpected twists, lasting 20 to 40 minutes of gameplay.

💡 Game Tip: Timing is everything in BANG! Anticipate your opponents’ moves and seize the right moment to strike. Be prepared to adapt your strategy as the game unfolds, and don’t forget to watch your back!


Nail Your Target with Well-Timed Bang!

Blend hidden roles, clever card play, and Wild West themes in BANG! for an immersive gaming journey to a dusty saloon, testing loyalties as bullets fly.

💡 Game Tip: When playing the Bang! card, choose your targets wisely. Coordinate your attacks with your allies to maximize their effectiveness and tip the balance of the shootout in your favor.


🌟 Customer Opinion:

Immerse yourself in the insights and viewpoints expressed by game enthusiasts.

“Captures the essence of the Wild West shootout with its hidden roles and exciting gameplay. It’s a must-play for fans of Western-themed games looking for a thrilling and immersive experience.” – A.L

“A fantastic party game that combines strategy and luck. The hidden roles and unpredictable card plays keep players engaged until the final bullet is fired. Put on your cowboy hat and join the wild ride!” J.R.

“An absolute blast to play! The thematic elements and iconic characters transport you to the dusty streets of the Wild West. With easy-to-learn gameplay and strategic depth, BANG! offers endless fun for gunslingers of all levels.” – S.T.


Take a look at this step-by-step video to learn how to play!


So don your cowboy hat, saddle up, and embrace BANG! A thrilling game awaits, channeling your inner gunslinger in the lawless Wild West.

Will you emerge as the last one standing? Let the bullets fly, and discover your fate!

2nd February 2023