Star Realms Colony Wars

Master the Galaxy with Star Realms Colony Wars

Welcome to the Universe of Star Realms!

Star Realms Colony Wars, a standalone expansion to the hit deck-building game, transports players into an intense battle for galactic supremacy. This fast-paced strategy game is not just about the cards you play, but how you play them. So, fasten your seatbelts, commanders, and prepare for an interstellar journey!

Understanding the Basics: The Core of Your Fleet

💡Game Tip: Start building your fleet with a mix of Trade and Combat cards to maintain balance.

Before diving into advanced strategies, it’s vital to grasp the fundamental mechanics of Star Realms Colony Wars. Each player starts with a personal deck, primarily containing Trade and Combat cards. Trade cards are crucial for acquiring new ships and bases, while Combat cards help you weaken your opponents. A balanced fleet is the backbone of your strategy, so mix these cards judiciously in the early game.

The Art of Deck Building: Crafting Your Arsenal

💡Game Tip: Focus on acquiring cards that synergize with your existing deck.

Deck building is an art in Star Realms. It’s not just about collecting powerful cards, but also about creating a coherent strategy. Look for cards that complement each other and avoid diluting your deck with unnecessary ones. Synergy is key; a well-orchestrated deck can exponentially increase your firepower or trade capabilities.

Strategic Base Placement: Your Galactic Strongholds

💡Game Tip: Use bases to create strong defensive positions and continuous benefits.

Bases in Star Realms are more than just static structures; they’re strategic assets. Outposts must be destroyed before you can attack your opponent directly, making them excellent for defense. Regular bases, while not offering direct protection, provide ongoing benefits. Place your bases thoughtfully to maximize their strategic advantage.

Managing Your Hand: The Commander’s Choices

💡Game Tip: Always be mindful of the balance between trade and combat cards in your hand.

Your hand of cards represents your immediate strategic options. It’s a delicate balance: too many trade cards might leave you vulnerable to attacks, while too many combat cards might slow down your fleet’s growth. Adapt your strategy to your hand, and don’t be afraid to discard cards if they don’t suit your current needs.

Exploiting Factions: Aligning with the Cosmos

💡Game Tip: Align with one or two factions for powerful combos and bonuses.

Star Realms features four unique factions, each with its own playstyle. Aligning with a faction can unlock potent combos and bonuses. For example, aligning with the Trade Federation can boost your authority (life points) and economy, while the Blob faction offers overwhelming offensive capabilities. Choose your allies wisely to maximize your strategic impact.

Adapting to Your Opponent: The Tactical Shift

💡Game Tip: Keep an eye on your opponent’s strategy and be ready to adapt your tactics.

In Star Realms, flexibility is as important as strategy. Pay attention to your opponent’s moves and be prepared to shift your tactics accordingly. If they’re building a strong economy, consider a more aggressive combat stance to disrupt their growth. If they’re focusing on offense, bolster your defenses and look for opportunities to counter-attack.

The Endgame: Seizing Victory

💡Game Tip: In the late game, focus on high-impact cards that can quickly deplete your opponent’s authority.

As the game progresses, the focus should shift from building your deck to deploying high-impact cards. Look for opportunities to unleash powerful combos and rapidly decrease your opponent’s authority. The endgame is about momentum; maintain pressure and don’t let your opponent recover.

Advanced Tactics: Beyond the Basics

💡Game Tip: Experiment with different factions and card combinations to discover unique strategies.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, it’s time to explore advanced tactics. Experiment with different faction combinations and unusual card synergies. The beauty of Star Realms lies in its strategic depth; there’s always a new strategy to discover or an unexpected combo to exploit.


Master the Galaxy with Star Realms Colony Wars

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🌟Customer Reviews

  • “Absolutely thrilling! Star Realms Colony Wars has added hours of strategic fun to our game nights.” – Jasmine T.

  • “This game is a perfect blend of strategy and excitement. It’s become a favourite in our household!” – Liam P.

  • “Star Realms never disappoints, and Colony Wars is no exception. A must-have for fans of deck-building games.” – Elena G.


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In conclusion, Star Realms Colony Wars stands out as a pinnacle of strategic deck-building games. It’s not just a game; it’s an adventure into the depths of space where strategy, cunning, and foresight lead to victory. Whether you’re dueling with friends or honing your skills solo, every match is a new journey through the stars. This game promises not only endless fun but also a test of your tactical acumen in the vast expanse of the galaxy. So, ready your fleets, commanders, and let the battle for the cosmos begin!

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8th January 2024