7 Wonders Cities + 7 Wonders Leaders Expansion Bundle


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Unleash your inner leader with the 7 Wonders Cities + Leaders Expansion Bundle! Elevate your gaming experience and shape your civilization’s destiny!



Elevate Your 7 Wonders Experience with Cities + Leaders Expansion Bundle!

Unleash the full potential of your 7 Wonders game with the 7 Wonders Cities + 7 Wonders Leaders Expansion Bundle! Step into the shoes of a visionary leader and guide your civilization to greatness. This captivating bundle includes both the Cities and Leaders expansions, offering an exciting twist to your gaming nights.

With the 7 Wonders Leaders Expansion, 36 dynamic leader cards are introduced, each with unique abilities to shape the growth of your city. Will you choose a diplomatic leader to build strong alliances, a military genius to protect your empire, or an economic mastermind to amass wealth? The possibilities are endless, and the strategies are diverse! While the gameplay is enriched by these influential leaders, the ultimate goal remains the same – victory!

Venture further into the realm of the great cities of Antiquity with the 7 Wonders Cities Expansion. Discover 27 new cards that introduce never-before-seen building effects. From awe-inspiring Wonders to powerful Guilds, this expansion enhances the diversity of your cities and opens up exciting new avenues to explore. With an option for up to 8 players and a team variant, it’s the perfect addition to make your gaming gatherings even more enjoyable.

💡 Key Benefits
1. Endless Strategic Choices: Lead your civilization with unique abilities, creating multiple paths to triumph.
2. Replayability: With the addition of new cards and expansions, every game is a fresh adventure.
3. Expanded Player Count: Enjoy the game with up to 8 players, perfect for large gatherings or parties.
4. Immersive Team Variant: Collaborate with friends in the team variant for a thrilling cooperative experience.
5. Deepen the 7 Wonders Experience: Dive deeper into the rich 7 Wonders universe with these engaging expansions.

Take your gaming nights to new heights and elevate your 7 Wonders experience with the Cities + Leaders Expansion Bundle. Unleash your inner leader, form alliances, build wonders, and shape the destiny of your civilization. Embrace the power of these expansions and watch as your cities flourish and your empire rises!


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