Agricola Corbarius Deck

Agricola Corbarius Deck


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Take your Agricola game to new heights with the Corbarius Deck Expansion! 120 unique cards, endless strategies, and competitive gameplay await!

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Elevate Your Agricola Experience with the Corbarius Deck Expansion!

Discover new horizons in your farming journey with the Agricola: Corbarius Deck Expansion! Designed by the renowned Uwe Rosenberg, this thrilling expansion for the beloved Agricola board game introduces 120 captivating cards to your gameplay, featuring 60 fresh minor improvements and 60 exciting occupations. Embrace the challenge of using these cards individually or combine them with other decks to create your unique strategy and claim agricultural supremacy!

The Corbarius Deck expansion boasts cards exclusively used in the 2020 officially sanctioned tournaments, ensuring a finely balanced and competitive gaming experience. But the excitement doesn’t end there; this expansion also includes 12 additional cards from the C deck, first published in the 5/6 player expansion. Some of these cards might even sound familiar as they were previously part of the Miniature expansions from WizKidz, now carefully revised and perfected by Lookout Games.

With Agricola: Corbarius Deck Expansion, the possibilities are boundless! Enclosure, hand management, open drafting, and worker placement mechanisms will keep you on your toes, making each turn a thrilling and strategic challenge. Don your farmer’s hat, gather your wits, and let the adventure unfold!

🔑 Key Benefits
1. Endless Replayability: With 120 unique cards, the Corbarius Deck expansion offers countless combinations and strategies, guaranteeing a fresh and exciting experience every time you play.

2. Competitive Edge: Harness the power of the cards used in official tournaments, gaining insights into high-level strategies and testing your skills against the best.

3. Mix and Match: Combine the Corbarius Deck with other Agricola expansions for an immersive and tailored gaming experience, adding layers of depth to your farming endeavors.

4. Revamped Classics: Rediscover old favorites from the WizKidz Miniature expansions, thoughtfully revised and balanced by Lookout Games for seamless integration.

5. Strategy and Excitement: Engage in diverse gameplay mechanics, from enclosure to worker placement, keeping you engaged and entertained throughout each riveting session.


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