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Battle monsters and run your shop in Bargain Quest, the thrilling board game that’s perfect for adventure-loving entrepreneurs!

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Step into the World of Bargain Quest

Ready for a thrilling adventure that combines business and fantasy like never before? Bargain Quest is your ticket to a world where capitalism meets monster-battling action. Whether you’re gathering with friends or family, this board game offers excitement for 2-6 players. Find out why Bargain Quest is a must-have addition to your collection.

Run Your Shop in a Monster-Plagued Town

Bargain Quest puts you in the shoes of a shopkeeper in a bustling town overrun by menacing monsters. In this captivating blend of adventure and capitalism, you’ll need wit and strategy to lure heroic customers to your shop. Here’s how it unfolds:

Draft Your Items

Begin by selecting items to showcase in your shop’s windows. Choose wisely because these items determine which heroes will be drawn to your store.

Attract Wealthy Heroes

Once your shop is stocked, watch as brave heroes arrive to gear up for epic battles. Your items will entice them, but it’s up to you to ensure they leave with the best gear.

Battle the Monsters

Armed with your items, these heroes venture out to confront monstrous threats, earning money and prestige for the shop they represent. The more successful your heroes, the more rewards you’ll reap.

Upgrade Your Shop

As the game unfolds, you’ll encounter new heroes and even fiercer monsters. Use your earnings to enhance your shop and hire employees, improving your chances of attracting top-tier customers.

Claim Victory

The game culminates in a showdown against the third monster, and the player with the most gold and prestige emerges as the ultimate winner. Will it be you?

🔑Key Benefits

  1. Experience an Exciting Adventure: Immerse yourself in the excitement of battling monsters while managing your fantasy shop.
  2. Engage in Strategic Gameplay: Sharpen your strategic thinking as you select items, attract customers, and outsmart your rivals.
  3. Enjoy Endless Replayability: With various heroes, monsters, and upgrades, each Bargain Quest game offers a unique and engaging experience.
  4. Fun for All Ages: Suitable for players aged 8 and up, Bargain Quest is perfect for family game nights and gatherings with friends.
  5. Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur: Develop your business skills as you strive to outshine competitors and become the town’s most successful shopkeeper.

Join the adventure in Bargain Quest! Attract heroes, conquer monsters, and become the ultimate shopkeeper in this epic board game.


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