Camel Up 2nd Edition


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Camel Up (Second Edition) is a hilarious and fast-paced board game that puts you in the middle of an epic camel race. Bet on your favorite camels, strategize to influence their movements, and embrace the unpredictable twists and turns. With new artwork, game modes, and crazy rogue camels, every race is a thrilling adventure filled with suspense and laughter.



Experience the Excitement of Camel Up (Second Edition): A Wild Camel-Stacking Race!

Are you ready for the wildest race of your life? Step into the world of Camel Up (Second Edition) and experience the thrill of a fast-paced camel-stacking extravaganza! This lively and entertaining board game will have you on the edge of your seat as you place your bets, manipulate the race, and watch the camels tumble towards the finish line.

In Camel Up (Second Edition), up to eight players can participate in the race of a lifetime. Bet on your favorite camels and try to predict which ones will place first and second. But be carefulā€”the earlier you place your bets, the higher the rewards if you guess correctly. The race, however, is anything but predictable. Camels may land on top of each other, forming a wild tower that moves towards the finish line. The dice, released from the pyramid dice shaker, determine the camels’ movements, adding an exciting element of chance to the game.

This 2018 edition of Camel Up features stunning new artwork, a redesigned game board, an enhanced pyramid dice shaker, and engraved dice for an immersive gaming experience. Plus, the addition of new game modes introduces crazy rogue camels that start the race running in the opposite direction, ensuring that every race is full of surprises and unexpected outcomes.

With a playing time of 30 to 45 minutes, Camel Up (Second Edition) is perfect for game nights, family gatherings, and social events. Its simple rules and engaging gameplay make it accessible for players aged 8 and up, while still offering strategic depth and replayability for seasoned gamers. Gather your friends and family, place your bets, and let the camel-stacking mayhem begin!

1. Thrilling Entertainment: Experience the excitement and laughter of a camel-stacking race that keeps you on the edge of your seat.
2. Easy to Learn, Fun to Play: With simple rules and a fast-paced gameplay, Camel Up (Second Edition) is accessible to players of all skill levels.
3. Unpredictable Races: Watch as camels tumble and collide, creating thrilling moments of surprise and suspense.
4. Strategic Betting: Place your bets wisely to maximize your rewards and outwit your opponents.
5. Enhanced Components: Enjoy the beautiful new artwork, redesigned game board, and upgraded pyramid dice shaker for an immersive and visually stunning gaming experience.

Remember, in Camel Up (Second Edition), the race is never over until the camels cross the finish line. Place your bets, roll the dice, and let the desert adventure begin!


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