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Concept Kids: Animals is an exciting cooperative board game designed to engage young minds in a fun and interactive way. With 110 animals to discover and guess, children aged 4 and above will embark on an animal-filled adventure. The game is easy to learn and doesn’t require reading, making it perfect for early learners. Each turn, players use pawns to place on illustrated icons that represent various features of animals. By cleverly choosing icons, players communicate clues to help their team guess the correct animal. Can you guess them all?



Explore the Animal Kingdom with Concept Kids: Animals

A Fun Animal Adventure for Kids

Embark on an animal-themed journey with Concept Kids: Animals! This board game, adapted from the popular Concept, is perfect for children learning to read. It features Éric Azagury’s stunning illustrations, bringing the animal kingdom to life in a fun, innovative way.

Innovative Gameplay for Young Minds

In This Game, players take turns to communicate an animal using only pawns and illustrated icons. Each icon represents a feature of the animal, allowing wordless clues. The challenge? Choosing the right icons to describe the animal accurately.

Diverse Range of Animals to Discover

Furthermore, with 110 animals across two difficulty levels, the game offers a rich variety of creatures. From lions to dolphins to monkeys, children will enjoy discovering animals while enhancing their deductive reasoning.

Teamwork and Collaboration

Additionally, the game’s cooperative nature promotes teamwork. Players work together to guess as many animals as they can, scoring points for each correct guess. This approach not only adds excitement but also teaches collaboration.

Educational and Entertaining

Moreover, Concept Kids: Animals is both fun and educational. It boosts critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills. Children learn to connect visual representations with real animals, aiding cognitive development.

A Game for Family Fun

With easy-to-understand gameplay, beautiful artwork, and cooperative dynamics, Concept Kids: Animals is great for family entertainment. It ignites imagination, laughter, and learning, making it a wonderful addition to any game collection.

🔑Key Benefits of Concept Kids: Animals

  1. Stimulate Young Minds: Engage children’s imagination and cognitive abilities.
  2. Learn While Playing: Combine education and fun in this animal-themed game.
  3. Easy for Early Learners: Ideal for kids who are not yet reading.
  4. Encourage Teamwork: Foster collaboration and communication.
  5. Beautiful Artwork: Enjoy the animal kingdom through Éric Azagury’s illustrations.

In summary, Concept Kids: Animals is an engaging and educational board game that promises hours of fun for children and families alike. Dive into a world of animals, teamwork, and learning. A perfect game for young explorers!


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