Dȗhr: The Lesser Houses


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In the captivating world of Dûhr, become the master of a Lesser House and compete for the esteemed title of Great House in this strategic board game. Employ cunning tactics, unleash political intrigue, and craftily exploit scandalous rumors to erode the social standing of rival Houses. With 4 to 6 players, each turn is a whirlwind of events, suspicions, and unique House abilities that sway the populace’s favor. Will you be hailed as the most cunning of them all or succumb to public outrage? Seize the chance to elevate your House to greatness or witness your rivals claim victory in this epic quest for power!

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Unveil Your Strategy in Dȗhr The Lesser Houses

In the heart of the city-state of Dûhr, where cultures merge and power is for the taking, the game of Dȗhr The Lesser Houses unfolds. Players dive into the role of masters of Lesser Houses, each plotting to ascend to the ranks of the Great Houses. The competition is fierce, with only the cunning and strategic thriving.

The Race to Prestige

Summer Festivals to Autumn Frost

The announcement from House Kythidûhr sets the stage for a relentless political battle. As summer festivals dazzle, Lesser Houses engage in a silent war of rumors and political maneuvers, aiming to discredit rivals and climb the social ladder.

Mastering the Game of Influence

Strategies and Scandals

Players must cleverly use events, suspicions, and scandals to weaken their opponents. Activating unique House abilities at the right moment can sway the game’s outcome, making every turn a critical opportunity to advance your House’s agenda.

Navigating Through Disfavor and Disgrace

The Tides of Public Opinion

The game’s dynamic changes as Houses fall in and out of the populace’s favor. Managing your House’s reputation becomes as crucial as attacking your rivals, making for a delicate balance between aggression and defense.

Victory in the Shadows

The Path to Triumph

The endgame challenges players to be the last favored House standing or to achieve the highest score under the shadow of disfavor. The game’s conclusion brings a thrilling reveal of strategies and alliances.

Engage in Dȗhr’s Ruthless Intrigue

With gameplay designed for 4 to 6 players, Dȗhr The Lesser Houses is a testament to strategic depth and political machinations. Will you navigate your House to glory, or will you be outplayed in the quest for power? The battle for dominance in Dûhr awaits.

Navigate Dûhr’s treacherous politics to elevate your House amid intrigue and strategy in Dȗhr The Lesser Houses. Will you prevail?


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