Dȗhr: The Lesser Houses

Dȗhr: The Lesser Houses


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In the captivating world of Dûhr, become the master of a Lesser House and compete for the esteemed title of Great House in this strategic board game. Employ cunning tactics, unleash political intrigue, and craftily exploit scandalous rumors to erode the social standing of rival Houses. With 4 to 6 players, each turn is a whirlwind of events, suspicions, and unique House abilities that sway the populace’s favor. Will you be hailed as the most cunning of them all or succumb to public outrage? Seize the chance to elevate your House to greatness or witness your rivals claim victory in this epic quest for power!

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Embark on a Devious Quest for Power in Dûhr: The Lesser Houses Board Game!

Welcome to the majestic city-state of Dûhr, where emerging and forgotten cultures collide, commerce thrives, and military might towers. In Dûhr: The Lesser Houses, you will navigate the treacherous political landscape of this monolithic city-state, striving to elevate your Lesser House to the prestigious status of a Great House. But be warned, the path to greatness is paved with suspicion, scandal, and ruthless intrigue!

As a player, you take on the role of the master of a Lesser House in Dûhr, each vying for the ultimate prize – becoming a Great House. The game unfolds amidst the vibrant festivals of summer, where House Kythidûhr has announced its intent to promote one of the Lesser Houses. The race is on! By the time autumn’s frosts descend, the Lesser Houses find themselves embroiled in a cutthroat battle. Soldiers are cast aside, as the true weapons of choice are cunningly concocted rumors and political aspersions. The goal is to erode your rival Houses’ social standing and remove them from contention.

Each turn is an exhilarating race to trigger events, sow suspicions and scandals on your opponents’ Houses, and activate your House’s unique abilities to influence the game. Accumulate suspicion and scandal cards on your rivals’ Houses, strategically raising suggestions of wrongdoing and inciting public outrage to erode their favor with the populace.

But beware, for the tides can turn swiftly. All Houses start the game favored by the people, but accumulating a total of 5 suspicion and/or scandal cards will cast a House into disfavor. A disfavored House with 3 or more revealed scandals will be vilified, bringing their aspirations crashing down. The game concludes when only one favored House remains, or none at all! And the victor? The one with the highest score, even if they were once disfavored or vilified.

With 4 to 6 players, Dûhr: The Lesser Houses guarantees an engaging experience filled with strategic twists and turns. Your House’s destiny lies in your hands as you scheme, bluff, and strategize to secure your path to greatness. Will you seize the throne, or will your rivals outwit you and ascend to power? Unleash your inner deviousness, and let the quest for dominance begin!


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