Doctor Lucky’s Mansion That is Haunted Board Game


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Experience a ghostly twist in Kill Doctor Lucky with the Doctor Lucky’s Mansion That Is Haunted expansion board! Play as mischievous spirits and navigate through ceilings, walls, and floors, as any two connected rooms become your ethereal playground. Unravel the secrets of three hidden portals and outwit your opponents in this hauntingly fun game. With foldable options for different player counts, up to 8 players can join in the spectral festivities. Don’t miss the chance to add this expansion to your collection and unleash your supernatural powers!

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Navigate the Supernatural in “Kill Doctor Lucky: Doctor Lucky’s Mansion That Is Haunted”

Transform into a Ghost and Outwit Your Rivals

In “Kill Doctor Lucky: Doctor Lucky’s Mansion That Is Haunted,” you become a mischievous ghost haunting the corridors of Doctor J. Robert Lucky’s mansion. This expansion reinvents the classic game with a supernatural twist, introducing new strategies and unexpected surprises.

Master Ghostly Abilities to Explore the Mansion

As a ghost, physical barriers no longer limit you. You can glide through ceilings, walls, and floors, connecting rooms that share an edge. This unique traversal ability opens up strategic possibilities, turning every room into a potential playground for your mischievous plans.

Discover and Utilize Mysterious Portals

The mansion hides secrets, including three enigmatic portals marked by objects like the raven, globe, and portrait. Using these portals, you can teleport to new mansion locations. However, these gateways also obscure your vision, introducing an element of chance. Strategically navigate these portals to outsmart your opponents.

Customize the Game for Your Group

The game board’s versatile design accommodates different numbers of players. For a more intimate game, fold the board in half for 4-5 players. For larger groups, use the entire board to accommodate up to 8 players. If you need to balance the gameplay, add the Cat or Dog characters.

Engage in Ghostly Scheming and Strategy

Prepare for hours of strategic and fun gameplay as you plot against other players. Decide whether to aid the ghosts in keeping Doctor Lucky trapped or assist the newlyweds in escaping the haunted mansion.

🔑 Key Benefits:

  • Ghostly Transformation: Explore the mansion using your new ghostly powers.
  • Boundless Movement: Traverse through walls and floors to connect rooms creatively.
  • Mystical Portals: Strategically use hidden portals for transportation and surprising your rivals.
  • Flexible Game Setup: Adjust the game board to suit different player counts, maintaining a balanced experience.
  • Thrilling Gameplay: Enjoy a novel twist on a classic game, brimming with supernatural elements.

Immerse yourself in the eerie and strategic world of “Kill Doctor Lucky: Doctor Lucky’s Mansion That Is Haunted.” Will you take control of the haunted mansion’s destiny?


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