Dragon Ball Super CG: 5th Anniversary Set (BE21)


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Dive into the world of Dragon Ball Super Card Game with the DBS-BE21 5th Anniversary Set! Packed with 97 incredible cards, including a special Anniversary Card Set, Booster Packs, and more, this set offers an explosive gaming experience like never before. Unleash your favorite archetypes, collect rare Alt Art cards, and enhance your strategies with the Revision Set. The stunning gold stamp texture foil cards will leave you in awe, while the storage box keeps your collection safe. With its vibrant design and exciting gameplay, this anniversary set is a must-have for any Dragon Ball Super fan!

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Elevate Your Game with the DBS-BE21 5th Anniversary Set

Dive into the thrilling world of Dragon Ball Super CG with the DBS-BE21 5th Anniversary Set. This set promises to revolutionize your gaming experience with a mix of strategy, collection, and intense battles.

What’s Inside the Anniversary Set?

Shining Anniversary Cards

The heart of this set lies in the 18 new cards, each adorned in stunning silver foil. You’ll find a total of 36 cards, showcasing powerful characters and epic scenes that will empower your gameplay.

Boost Your Collection with Booster Packs

Two 5th Anniversary Booster Packs are included, each with 12 cards. These packs give you the chance to add 24 dynamic cards to your arsenal, expanding your strategic options.

Exclusive SCR Pack

Discover the exclusivity of the SCR Pack, featuring rare gold stamp texture foil cards. With three unique types available, these Alt Art cards are game-changers on and off the field.

Stay Updated with the Revision Set

The Revision Set offers 35 Errata cards, ensuring your game stays current. These updates refine your strategy and prepare you for any challenge.

Personalize with Sleeves and Storage

Safeguard your collection with 66 stylish sleeves, available in four designs. The set also includes a gold stamped storage box, a first of its kind, for organizing and showcasing your cards.

Why You Can’t Miss This Set

The DBS-BE21 5th Anniversary Set isn’t just a collection of cards; it’s an entry into a world of heightened battles and strategy. With its rich variety of cards, exclusive artwork, and practical accessories, it’s a comprehensive package for any Dragon Ball Super CG enthusiast.

Join the Battle with DBS-BE21

Don’t let this opportunity pass. The DBS-BE21 5th Anniversary Set is your ticket to unforgettable gaming moments. Embrace the power, strategy, and excitement of the Dragon Ball Super Card Game and become a legend on the battlefield. Prepare for an unparalleled gaming adventure that will keep you coming back for more!


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