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Experience 1920s high tea elegance in Elevenses! Outplay rivals in this card game for 2-4 players. Serve the best morning teas to win!



Elevenses: A Strategic Tea Party Challenge!

Join the whimsical world of Elevenses, a card game where strategy and charm intertwine. Engage in a delightful competition to create the most impressive tea party spread, and outsmart your friends in this 1920s-themed game. Perfect for family game nights, Elevenses combines fun, tactics, and social play in a unique and engaging way.

Engage in Tactical Tea Party Planning

Each player starts with an identical hand of morning tea cards, each boasting unique abilities. Master the art of strategic card placement and navigate through the game’s twists and turns. The goal? Arrange your tea table more efficiently than your opponents, using your cards’ special actions to your advantage.

The Thrill of the ‘Elevenses’ Call

Timing is everything in Elevenses. The game reaches its climax when a player calls ‘Elevenses’, signalling the round’s end. This is the moment where strategies are tested, and the best-laid plans come to fruition. Will you time your call perfectly and emerge as the ultimate tea party host?

🔑 Key Highlights

  1. Charm and Strategy: A unique blend of strategic planning and a delightful theme.
  2. Accessible Gameplay: Easy to learn, yet offers depth for seasoned players.
  3. Social Interaction: Perfect for groups, encouraging lively social dynamics.
  4. Strategic Depth: Every card and move counts in this engaging game.
  5. Expansion Pack: ‘Elevenses: The Special Guests’ adds extra dimensions to the gameplay.

Master the Art of Morning Tea

Elevenses isn’t just a game; it’s an experience. It challenges players to think ahead, bluff, and adapt their strategies on the fly. With its mix of social interaction and tactical gameplay, it’s the perfect game for those who love a touch of strategy with their fun.

A Game of Elegance and Wit

Step back in time to an era of refined teas and competitive hosting. Elevenses offers an escape into a world of strategic decision-making and charming tea parties. So gather your friends, brew your strategy, and prepare for a battle of wits and elegance. Will you be the one to host the perfect tea party?

Experience 1920s tea party strategy fun with Elevenses board game!


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