Free Folk Heroes Box 2: A Song Of Ice and Fire Expansion


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Enhance A Song Of Ice and Fire battles with Free Folk Heroes Box 2 expansion. Unleash giant power, master strategy, and shape Westeros!

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Explore the Free Folk Heroes Box 2 Expansion for A Song Of Ice and Fire Game

Introduction: Enhancing Your Game with New Giants

Get ready to elevate your A Song Of Ice and Fire Tabletop Miniatures Game experience with the Free Folk Heroes Box 2 expansion. Step into Westeros, lead your house to victory, and enjoy the new strategic dimensions this expansion brings.

Giant Additions: Wun Wun and Mag the Mighty

This expansion introduces two giants—Wun Wun and Mag the Mighty. Wun Wun excels in crushing foes with his increasing fury, while Mag the Mighty is a tactical powerhouse. These giants promise to make each battle more exciting and strategically diverse.

Epic Battles and Memorable Gameplay

Experience more intense battles in the A Song Of Ice and Fire universe. Each skirmish is a test of wit and strategy, turning every game into an epic and unforgettable encounter.

Perfect for Collectors and Gamers

Enhance your miniature collection with beautifully crafted, pre-colored figures. These ready-to-play figures require no additional preparation, allowing you to dive right into the action.

Accessibility for New Players, Depth for Veterans

The expansion offers straightforward entry for newcomers with simplified rules, while still providing a deep, strategic experience for seasoned players. As your skills grow, the game continues to reveal more complex strategies.

Unleash the Power of Giants

Harness the unique abilities of Mag the Mighty and Wun Wun. Mag’s Tactics deck and Wun’s brute strength add dynamic new elements to your battles, making every decision crucial.

Conclusion: A Comprehensive Expansion Experience

The Free Folk Heroes Box 2 expansion is more than just an addition; it’s a complete enhancement for your A Song Of Ice and Fire game. It’s perfect for expanding your collection and deepening your gameplay. Easy for beginners and challenging for experienced players, this expansion is sure to captivate you with its strategic depth.

Dive into the world of A Song Of Ice and Fire, equipped to conquer new challenges and emerge victorious in the thrilling battles of Westeros. This expansion promises a perfect blend of easy-to-learn gameplay and multi-layered strategy.


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