Hafids Grand Bazaar Card Game


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Step into the vibrant world of Hafid’s Grand Bazaar, the ultimate trading game that will test your skills, wit, and negotiation prowess! Bid, haggle, and strategize your way to victory as you acquire spices, textiles, livestock, and more from foreign markets across the ancient world. With each round offering exciting twists and intense player interaction, the dynamic marketplace will keep you on your toes. Unleash your shrewd bargaining skills, trade with fellow merchants, and collect resource sets to maximize your profits. Be creative with your haggling and emerge as the top merchant with the highest value of talent coins. Are you ready to become the greatest merchant in Hafid’s Grand Bazaar?

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Master the Art of Trade in Hafid’s Grand Bazaar

Introduction to the Bazaar

Step into the vibrant Hafid’s Grand Bazaar for an unforgettable trading adventure. This board game, suitable for 2 to 6 players, challenges you with bidding, haggling, and strategy. It’s perfect for both seasoned traders and newcomers.

Your Quest for Riches

Aim to gather spices, textiles, livestock, and more from the world’s ancient markets. Winning in Hafid’s Grand Bazaar means more than just acquiring goods. You must also manipulate the market and outsmart opponents to boost your profits.

The Thrill of Trading

The game unfolds in four phases, testing your trading skills at every turn. You’ll bid on caravans, influence, and customers, engaging in trades and negotiations. While you can see your rivals’ goods categories, the exact items stay hidden, adding intrigue to every deal.

Engage in Lively Negotiations

Prepare for intense player interactions. The game’s core lies in creative haggling and reading opponents’ intentions. Adapting your strategy and employing clever bargaining tactics are key to gaining the upper hand.

🔑Key Benefits

  1. Dynamic Gameplay: Delight in the competitive spirit of bidding, trading, and haggling.
  2. Strategic Depth: Use your wits to manipulate the market and outmaneuver rivals.
  3. Exciting Interactions: Every negotiation promises fun and intensity, making for memorable gameplay.
  4. Adaptable Market: Stay agile as the marketplace shifts, keeping the game fresh and engaging.
  5. Immersive Atmosphere: Enjoy a game rich in art, history, and a lively trading theme.

Concluding the Adventure

The game ends when one player amasses the highest value in talent coins, crowning them the top merchant. So, will you rise to become the most prosperous merchant in Hafid’s Grand Bazaar?


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