Imperial Assault Galactic Empire Pack The Grand Inquisitor


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Immerse in Star Wars action, command heroes, and challenge foes with the Imperial Assault Galactic Empire Pack!

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Explore the Star Wars Universe with Imperial Assault Galactic Empire Pack

Experience the Dark Side

Take on the role of the Grand Inquisitor, a former Jedi Knight turned dark side enforcer. Wield his fearsome lightsaber and the power of the Force in strategic battles.

Endless Strategic Possibilities

The game’s double-sided modular tiles create a variety of battle settings. Each mission offers unique strategic challenges, keeping gameplay fresh and engaging.

Unite as Rebel Heroes

Collaborate with your team to overcome Imperial strategies. Work together, strategize, and enhance your characters for future challenges.

Influence the Galactic Narrative

Your choices shape the story set between ‘A New Hope’ and ‘The Empire Strikes Back’. This dynamic narrative adds depth and replay value to the game.

Intense Tactical Battles

Engage in head-to-head skirmishes, where you build and lead your forces. These battles test your tactical acumen and strategic planning.

Play as Imperials or Rebels

Command the forces of the Empire or join the Rebel heroes. Each side offers unique gameplay experiences and challenges.

🔑Key Benefits

  1. Command and Strategy
    • Lead the Grand Inquisitor or Rebel heroes, making strategic decisions that influence the outcome of battles.
  2. Modular Game Board
    • Enjoy a game that never feels the same twice, thanks to the versatile and changeable battlefield setups.
  3. Collaborative Gameplay
    • Experience the camaraderie and teamwork necessary to succeed in missions against the Imperial forces.
  4. Story-Driven Missions
    • Engage in a narrative that evolves based on your decisions, adding a rich, story-driven element to your gameplay.
  5. Variety of Play Styles
    • Whether you prefer strategic campaigns or fast-paced skirmishes, the game offers diverse modes to suit different play styles.


Immerse Yourself in the Star Wars Saga

The Imperial Assault Galactic Empire Pack is more than just a game; it’s an entry into the vast Star Wars universe. Whether you’re commanding the dark forces of the Empire or fighting for the Rebel cause, this game offers endless hours of strategic entertainment and adventure. Get ready to shape the galaxy!


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