Marvel Legendary: Into the Cosmos Expansion


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Discover Marvel’s cosmic realm like never before with Legendary® Into the Cosmos: A Marvel Deck Building Game Deluxe Expansion! Take on the roles of mighty heroes, face cosmic adversaries, and navigate cataclysmic schemes and keywords. This expansion introduces 200 captivating cards, expanding your gameplay options and adding a cosmic twist to the legendary universe. Immerse yourself in stunning Marvel artwork, choose between cooperative or competitive gameplay modes, and experience the thrill of expanding your Legendary collection. Are you ready to conquer the cosmos?

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Unleash Marvel’s Cosmic Might with Legendary® Into the Cosmos Deluxe Expansion!

Embark on an extraordinary adventure across the cosmos with the Legendary® Into the Cosmos: A Marvel Deck Building Game Deluxe Expansion! This out-of-this-world expansion, featuring 200 captivating cards, will invade your Legendary experience with a close encounter of the best kind. Prepare for an epic cosmic showdown as you step into the shoes of the most powerful characters from the Marvel Universe.

1. Expand Your Legendary Game: Amplify your Legendary game with this 23rd expansion that takes your gameplay beyond Earth. Discover the immense power of cosmic beings like Adam Warlock and Quasar, among others.

2. Cosmic Cataclysms and Keywords: Brace yourself for cataclysmic schemes and challenging keywords that can dynamically alter the course of gameplay. Unleash strategic moves and unexpected twists to keep your opponents on their toes.

3. Rich Marvel Artwork: Immerse yourself in the stunning Marvel Universe with each card featuring original artwork. Marvel at the captivating visuals as you build your ultimate deck.

4. Versatile Gameplay Options: Embrace the cooperative or competitive gameplay modes, allowing you to team up or go head-to-head with your friends. Experience the thrill of both strategic collaboration and fierce rivalry.

5. Extensive Content: With 9 Heroes, 3 Masterminds, 4 Villain groups, 2 Henchmen groups, 4 Schemes, and 3 Special Bystanders, this expansion offers a wealth of new content to explore. Expand your collection and enhance your gameplay possibilities.


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