Mayfair Costa Rica: Reveal the Rainforest


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Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Costa Rica, where you’ll lead an adventurous expedition, collect rare and exotic animals, and outsmart your opponents. Navigate through lush jungles, encounter diverse terrains, and beware of pesky mosquitos! With engaging gameplay for 2-5 players, ages 8 and up, Costa Rica is a thrilling set collection game that blends strategy and luck. Decide to lead, follow, or get out of the way as you race against time to save the animals from poachers. Discover the joy of completing sets, strategically choose when to leave an expedition, and maximize your points to emerge as the victor!

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Embark on a Wild Adventure in Costa Rica – The Exotic Set Collection Game!

Embark on a wild adventure through the untamed jungles of Costa Rica, where exotic animals, dangerous terrains, and the relentless pursuit of victory await you! In this captivating board game, Costa Rica transports you to a world teeming with wildlife, challenging you to decide when to lead, when to follow, and when to get out of the way!

Mission: Rescue the Exotic Animals

As an intrepid explorer, your mission is to collect rare and exotic animals to rescue them from poachers. The jungle is filled with different sets of animals, each more valuable than the last. Will you focus on gathering as many animals of one kind as possible or aim for the diversity of one of each kind? Choose your strategy wisely and watch your points soar!

The Thrill of Exploration

The gameplay in Costa Rica is engaging and interactive, keeping you on the edge of your seat. Each turn, the active player decides where to explore, revealing new tiles with exciting possibilities. Will you discover a hidden treasure or encounter a group of animals just waiting to be saved? The choice is yours!

Strategic Decisions and Dilemmas

One of the game’s unique features is the decision players must make on their turn: stay with the group or venture on their own. Leaving an expedition early allows you to collect all the animals you’ve encountered so far, but will you miss out on valuable discoveries later? It’s a delicate balance between securing points and taking risks!

Perfect for Friends and Family

Costa Rica is designed for 2-5 players, making it perfect for gatherings with friends and family. The game is suitable for players aged 8 and up, ensuring that everyone can join in the excitement. With a playing time of 30-45 minutes, it’s a fantastic choice for both casual game nights and avid board game enthusiasts.

Immersive Visual Experience

Immerse yourself in the lush artwork and vibrant theme that beautifully capture the essence of Costa Rica. From the intricate illustrations of rare animals to the vivid landscapes, the game creates an immersive and visually stunning experience!

πŸ”‘Key Benefits

  1. Exciting Exploration: Embark on a thrilling expedition through the exotic landscapes of Costa Rica, encountering different terrains and wild animals at every turn.
  2. Engaging Set Collection: Strategically collect rare and exotic animals to assemble valuable sets, earning you points and enhancing your chances of victory.
  3. Tense Decision-Making: Choose between staying with the group to collect more animals or leaving early to secure the ones you’ve found, balancing risk and reward.
  4. Interactive Gameplay: Enjoy the interactive gameplay experience with friends and family, where each player takes turns leading the expedition, ensuring a dynamic and immersive adventure.
  5. Quick and Accessible: With a playing time of 30-45 minutes, Costa Rica is a fast-paced game suitable for players of all ages and skill levels. Easy-to-understand rules make it a great choice for both casual and seasoned board game enthusiasts.


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