My First Bohnanza


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Sow the seeds of strategic fun with My First Bohnanza! Easy rules, vibrant cards, and engaging gameplay for kids aged 4+.

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Unleash the Bean Farmer in Your Kid with My First Bohnanza!

Dive into the joy of bean farming with “My First Bohnanza,” an ideal introduction to strategic gameplay for young minds. This game, tailored for kids aged 4 and up, adapts the classic Bohnanza with a focus on the competitive fun of agriculture. It promises educational value and loads of fun for family game nights.

Strategic Bean Farming for Beginners

In “My First Bohnanza,” children take on the role of bean farmers, aiming to collect the most Talers by smartly planting and trading beans. The game simplifies the original’s complexities, making it accessible and enjoyable for young players.

Educational Gameplay

Fun and Learning Combined

This game masterfully combines education with entertainment. Kids learn about planning and strategy while managing their beanfields. The simplified rules are perfect for kids, introducing them to competitive farming in an engaging way.

Strengthening Family Bonds

Playing “My First Bohnanza” is a great way for families to bond. It brings laughter and friendly competition to the table, enhancing connections between family members.

Visual Appeal and Strategic Depth

Captivating Art for Kids

Björn Pertoft’s vibrant illustrations make the game visually appealing. The colorful bean cards keep children engaged, enriching their gaming experience.

Developing Young Strategists

The game goes beyond fun visuals. It encourages critical thinking and strategic planning, preparing kids for more complex games. Every decision is crucial, making the game both challenging and rewarding.

A Bean Farming Adventure

Players start with five face-up cards and a tile for two bean types. They must wisely choose which beans to plant, trade, and harvest to maximize Talers. The gameplay is dynamic, making each choice significant for both kids and adults.

“My First Bohnanza” isn’t just a game; it’s an introduction to the joy of tabletop gaming for young players. So, don’t wait! Bring this adventure home and start the bean-tastic fun today!


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