Mystery House Back to Tombstone Expansion


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Uncover the secrets of the Wild West in Mystery House: Adventures in a Box – Back to Tombstone! This thrilling expansion for the popular deduction game takes you on a heart-pounding adventure filled with fearless Indian tribes, smoking guns, and a gloomy mystery lurking beneath the scorching Western sun. Are you ready to test your detective skills and outsmart the challenges that await you?

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Unleash your inner detective in Mystery House: Adventures in a Box – Back to Tombstone! Solve riddles and survive the Wild West!

In Mystery House: Back to Tombstone, you’ll need to solve intricate riddles, crack codes, and unravel hidden clues to escape the clutches of danger and survive the treacherous landscape of the Wild West. The game combines real-time elements with cooperative gameplay, making it perfect for 1–5 players aged 14 and above.

1. Exciting Western Adventure: Immerse yourself in a thrilling Wild West narrative, where every decision you make counts. Uncover the truth behind the mystery and escape from Tombstone with your wits intact!
2. Engaging Gameplay: Experience the perfect blend of deduction, adventure, and real-time challenges. Work together with friends or go solo as you race against time to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles.
3. High Replayability: With multiple paths to explore and a variety of puzzles to solve, each playthrough of Mystery House: Back to Tombstone offers a unique and immersive experience. Discover new secrets and surprises with every game!
4. Immersive Components: The game features a digital hybrid system, incorporating an app/website that enhances the gameplay, allowing you to dive deeper into the Western atmosphere and unravel the enigmatic story.
5. Expand Your Adventure: Mystery House: Back to Tombstone is an expansion for the base game, offering even more content and challenges for fans of the original. Expand your collection and enhance your gaming experience with this gripping addition.

Unleash your inner detective and embark on a thrilling journey through the Wild West in Mystery House: Adventures in a Box – Back to Tombstone. Will you conquer the challenges, solve the riddles, and escape alive from the wild wild west? The choice is yours, partner!


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