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Ominoes is the quick-to-learn, easy-to-play board game where players roll custom dice to collect gods and earn points in 15 minutes of thrilling gameplay!

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Unleash the Ancient Fun with Ominoes: The Award-Winning Abstract Strategy Board Game!

Discover the enchanting world of Ominoes, the award-winning abstract strategy board game that brings the mystery of an ancient Egyptian game to life! In this revitalized classic, you’ll embark on an adventure set in the Ominus Valley of Egypt, where a cache of 6,000-year-old game cubes has been unearthed. Now, it’s your turn to unravel the secrets of this enigmatic game and become the champion!

Ominoes is designed for 2-4 players, ages 6 and up, promising endless hours of engaging fun for friends and families alike. Your goal is to collect your favored gods—Horus, Ra, Apep, and Khepri—by rolling custom dice that determine actions and are strategically placed on the game board in your color. Every turn, you’ll experience excitement as you roll, move, and place the dice, aiming to create groups of four or more of your colored dice to score valuable points!

The gameplay is fast-paced and tactical, ensuring you’ll stay on the edge of your seat for each 15-minute session. The four-sided dice boast faces that match players’ colors, with additional wild faces—”Yay-Ra” and “Ominotep”—to enhance the thrill. Utilize “Yay-Ra” to move any die or “Ominotep” to reroll a die and maximize your strategic advantage.

With Ominoes, you’re not just playing a board game; you’re experiencing an immersive journey back to ancient Egypt. The beautifully illustrated game components, designed by Andrew Harman, transport you to the mysterious valley where gods and adventure await.

💡 Key Benefits:

1. Easy-to-Learn Fun: Quick setup and simple rules make Ominoes the perfect choice for players of all ages, from beginners to seasoned gamers.
2. Endless Replayability: The mix of luck and skill ensures each game is a unique experience, promising countless hours of thrilling entertainment.
3. Family Bonding: Gather your family around the table and immerse yourselves in an exciting adventure, fostering stronger connections and unforgettable memories.
4. Strategic Depth: Unleash your tactical prowess as you strategically place dice to outmaneuver opponents and create winning combinations.
5. Award-Winning Excitement: Join the ranks of satisfied players worldwide who have embraced Ominoes, the 2017 UK Games Expo Best Abstract Game winner.

Uncover the ancient secrets, outwit your opponents, and claim victory in Ominoes! Will you be the first to reach 13 points or 21 in a two-player game? Get ready for dice-rolling excitement and embark on an unforgettable gaming experience!


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