Pokemon Ultra Pro Pokeball Portfolio – 9 Pocket


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In stock

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Elevate Your Pokémon Collection with Our Poké Ball 9-Pocket Portfolio!

Looking for the perfect storage solution for your Pokémon cards? Look no further than our Poké Ball 9-Pocket Portfolio! Organize and protect your precious collection with ease.

Short Outlines of Customer Benefits:

  1. Ultimate Protection: Safeguard your Pokémon cards with our archival-safe polypropylene pages.
  2. Ample Storage: Store up to 180 double-loaded cards or 90 single-loaded cards in one sleek portfolio.
  3. Vibrant Design: Featuring the iconic Poké Ball design, our portfolio adds flair to your collection.
  4. Convenient Organization: Keep your cards organized and easily accessible for battles or trading.
  5. Durable Quality: Made in California, U.S.A., our portfolio ensures long-lasting durability and reliability.


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