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Immerse yourself in the world of medieval conquest and diplomacy with Queendomino. Build a magnificent queendom, expand your territories, and compete against friends in thrilling battles. With easy-to-learn mechanics and endless replayability, Queendomino offers an immersive strategy board game experience like no other. Will you rise to become the ruler of the kingdoms?

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Build a Majestic Queendom and Rule the Kingdoms in Queendomino – A Strategy Board Game Adventure!

Embark on a Medieval Quest

Dive into the enchanting world of Queendomino, where strategic thinking meets medieval fantasy. In this game, players take on the role of lords and ladies vying to build the most impressive queendom. Will you rise to become the undisputed ruler?

Master the Art of Land Acquisition

Queendomino blends tile placement and territory expansion for a unique gaming experience. Claim various landscapes like forests, lakes, and mountains to grow your queendom. Each choice impacts your path to victory, making every decision crucial.

Strategic Development and Wealth Accumulation

Strategize to gather wealth and construct buildings that influence your queendom’s future. Deploy knights to collect coins and select buildings that align with your goals. Will your queendom flourish under your rule?

Versatility in Gameplay

Whether you play Queendomino as a standalone game for 2-4 players or combine it with Kingdomino for up to 6 players, the challenge scales. Larger grids in the 7×7 format offer a more complex and competitive experience, ensuring a fresh adventure each time.

Engage in Diplomatic Maneuvers

In addition to building your queendom, you must navigate the shifting allegiances and strategies of your fellow players. Diplomacy and tactical foresight are key to securing the Queen’s favor and outmaneuvering your opponents.

🔑Key Benefits

  1. Experience Medieval Grandeur
    • Build a visually stunning queendom with diverse landscapes and majestic buildings.
  2. Dynamic Strategic Play
    • Enjoy the depth of strategy in land acquisition and resource management. Each move shapes the future of your queendom.
  3. Engaging for All Players
    • The game’s simplicity welcomes newcomers, while its strategic depth keeps seasoned players engaged.
  4. New Challenges in Every Game
    • With endless tile combinations and varying player dynamics, each session offers a unique challenge.
  5. Competitive and Cooperative Elements
    • Balance competition with cooperation as you vie for power in a constantly evolving political landscape.

Rule Your Queendom

Ready to take the throne? Queendomino offers a captivating blend of strategy, beauty, and intrigue. Build your queendom, negotiate with rivals, and vie for the Queen’s favor. The throne awaits your claim!


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