Scythe: The Rise of Fenris


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Scythe: The Rise of Fenris is the must-have expansion for fans of Scythe. Embark on a thrilling 8-episode campaign that takes you deeper into the world of Europa. Uncover mysteries, unlock surprises, and experience an epic conclusion. With 11 modular options and compatibility with all Scythe expansions, customize your gameplay like never before. Engage in intense battles, explore new territories, and unleash your strategic genius. This expansion includes a detailed guidebook, miniatures, tokens, and more. Whether you’re a solo player or part of a group, the journey awaits. Elevate your Scythe experience with The Rise of Fenris!



Epic Gaming with Scythe: The Rise of Fenris

Experience the Thrilling Conclusion

Discover the grand finale of Scythe with “The Rise of Fenris” expansion. This essential add-on brings an intense 8-episode campaign full of twists, mysteries, and memorable events to your Scythe gameplay.

A New Era in Europa

Enter Europa’s post-war era, where nations rebuild and prosper. But, whispers of mysterious soldiers with glowing eyes stir unrest. What secrets do they hold?

Choose Your Adventure

“The Rise of Fenris” offers two play styles: a gripping campaign and flexible modular play. The campaign takes you through eight unique episodes with engaging stories and challenges. It’s a journey full of secrets and surprises, and you can play it again and again. The destiny of Europa is yours to decide.

Alternatively, pick from 11 modules for varied play. This choice lets you tailor the game to your style and discover new strategies. There’s even a fully cooperative module for team play.

Enhanced Gaming Components

Dive into the game with high-quality pieces. Enjoy detailed guides, plastic miniatures, wooden tokens, custom dice, new tiles, and over 100 cardboard tokens. These elements bring the world of Scythe to life like never before.

🔑Key Benefits

  1. Captivating Campaign: Get lost in a story-rich campaign that spans multiple sessions, filled with discoveries and excitement.
  2. Replayable and Customizable: Play the campaign many times, or mix and match modules to suit your gaming style.
  3. Team Play: Work together in the cooperative module, combining your strategies to win.
  4. Expand Your Scythe World: Explore deeper into Europa’s lore with new characters and stories.
  5. Quality Gaming Pieces: Play with beautifully crafted components that enrich your game experience.

Embark on a New Scythe Adventure

Jump into “The Rise of Fenris” and explore Europa’s mysteries, engage in epic battles, and influence the continent’s fate. Ready to elevate your Scythe experience?


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