Shovel Knight: Dungeon Duels


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Shovel Knight: Dungeon Duels is a thrilling board game where you explore dangerous dungeons, defeat enemies, and hunt for treasure!



Sharpen Your Shovel and Dive into Adventure! Shovel Knight: Dungeon Duels

Prepare for an epic journey of treasure-hunting and action-packed adventure with Shovel Knight: Dungeon Duels! Based on the beloved video game Shovel Knight by Yacht Club Games, this 1-4 player miniatures board game takes you into a perilous dungeon filled with enemies, traps, and treasures. Sharpen your shovel and compete against rival knights from the infamous Order of No-Quarter to claim the ultimate prize!

In this exciting board game, you’ll roll the dice to defeat enemies, unearth scattered dirt piles, and collect gold dropped by other players. As you venture deeper into the dungeon, you’ll discover powerful one-shot items known as Relics and encounter a friendly merchant named Chester, willing to trade powerful equipment for your hard-earned treasure. But beware, if you fall prey to enemies or deadly spiked pits, you’ll lose half of your wealth, which other rival players can snatch up!

One of the most unique aspects of Shovel Knight: Dungeon Duels is the “shovelrous code.” While knights can wound enemies, they cannot harm each other directly. However, they can engage in strategic shoving, pushing, and knocking rivals into perilous positions or dangerous foes!

šŸ’” Key Benefits:
1. Thrilling Adventure: Immerse yourself in the world of Shovel Knight and embark on a thrilling dungeon-crawling journey filled with surprises and challenges.
2. Engaging Gameplay: Experience dynamic gameplay with dice rolling, tactical decision-making, and treasure-hunting fun for the whole family.
3. Strategic Shenanigans: Unleash your inner knight as you strategically shove and maneuver your rivals into disadvantageous positions for your benefit.
4. Replayability: With multiple knights, enemies, and dungeon configurations, each game is a fresh, exciting experience.
5. Family-Friendly Fun: Suitable for ages 10 and up, Shovel Knight: Dungeon Duels is a fantastic choice for family game nights and gatherings with friends.

Get ready to sharpen your shovel and dive into the world of Shovel Knight: Dungeon Duels! Compete against friends or venture solo into a dangerous dungeon full of treasures, enemies, and challenges. It’s time to unleash your inner knight and claim victory in this action-packed board game!


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