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Star Munchkin takes you on an epic sci-fi adventure where you can become a Mutant, a Cyborg, or a Psychic. Battle bizarre creatures like Fanged Fuzzballs and Bionic Bimbos, and wield powerful weapons such as Lasers, Vibroswords, and Nova Grenades. With 168 cards, rules, and a die, this boxed game guarantees hours of laughter and backstabbing fun. Designed by Steve Jackson and featuring the iconic art of John Kovalic, Star Munchkin is a must-have for any gaming enthusiast!

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Embark on a Cosmic Adventure Star Munchkin

Dive into the universe of Star Munchkin, an exhilarating game adventure. Choose your avatar: Mutant, Cyborg, or Psychic. Your mission? Battle aliens, snatch their tech, and climb the ranks to space supremacy.

Experience Classic Humor in Space

Star Munchkin catapults the beloved Munchkin humor into space, boasting vibrant artwork by John Kovalic. Its sci-fi theme promises a memorable gaming session for all.

Engage in Hilarious Combat

Prepare for laughter as you encounter Fanged Fuzzballs and Bionic Bimbos. Equipped with Lasers and Vibroswords, you’ll face off against quirky foes. Remember, allies can turn into rivals in an instant.

Unbox the Galactic Fun

The game, created by Steve Jackson and illustrated by John Kovalic, includes 168 cards, rules, and a die. It’s your gateway to endless cosmic amusement.

🔑Key Benefits

  • Become a Space Adventurer: Revel in the excitement of space exploration and combat in a humorous sci-fi setting.
  • Laugh and Strategize: The game promises loads of fun with friends and family, mixing cosmic battles with clever tactics.
  • Dive into Stunning Art: John Kovalic’s illustrations enrich your gameplay, immersing you in a vivid, engaging world.
  • Expand Your Universe: As part of the Munchkin series, this game allows for combinations with other sets, adding to the chaos and fun.
  • Accessible Yet Challenging: Star Munchkin is welcoming for newcomers and veterans alike, offering a perfect mix of strategy and comedy.

Launch Into the Fun

Elevate your gaming nights with the excitement of Star Munchkin. Purchase now and set off on an epic journey of laughter and strategy in the vast cosmos.


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