Star Wars Legion: LAAT/IE Patrol Transport Unit Expansion

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Step into the heart of the Star Wars universe and embark on epic battles with the LAAT/le Patrol Transport Unit Expansion for Star Wars: Legion. This highly detailed expansion pack allows you to unleash the power of the Republic or the Empire as you take control of the versatile LAAT/Ie Patrol Transport. With its remarkable design, this transport offers both formidable firepower and exceptional durability, making it the perfect asset for any mission.

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Take Command of the Skies with the LAAT/le Patrol Transport Expansion for Star Wars: Legion!

1. Dominate the Skies: Assemble your clone troopers or Imperial forces and take command of the skies with the LAAT/le Patrol Transport. Its versatile capabilities allow you to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies from above, providing air support like never before.

2. Unleash Devastating Firepower: The LAAT/le Patrol Transport is armed to the teeth, ensuring that your troops have the necessary firepower to eliminate enemy threats. Customize your transport with a range of upgrade cards, including ordnance and comms systems, to enhance its destructive capabilities.

3. Secure and Transport Troops: Whether you’re engaging criminal enterprises or combating insurgent cells, the LAAT/le is equipped to handle it all. Use it to drop clone troopers into urban battlefields or pin down Rebel soldiers, solidifying your position and securing victory for your faction.

4. Integration with Republic and Imperial Forces: Seamlessly integrate the LAAT/le Patrol Transport into your Republic or Imperial armies. Unit cards for both factions are included, allowing you to strategically incorporate this powerful asset into your existing forces and gain a tactical advantage on the battlefield.

5. Exceptional Detail and Customization: This expansion features a beautifully detailed, unpainted hard plastic miniature that can be assembled with either Phase II clone pilots or Imperial TIE pilots. Immerse yourself in the world of Star Wars as you paint and customize your LAAT/le, bringing it to life in a way that reflects your unique style.

With the LAAT/le Patrol Transport Expansion for Star Wars: Legion, the fate of the galaxy is in your hands. Take to the skies, transport your troops, and dominate the battlefield like never before. Unleash the full potential of the Republic or the Empire as you embark on thrilling and unforgettable missions. Join the ranks of legendary commanders and make your mark in the Star Wars universe today!


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