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Take your Terraforming Mars experience to new frontiers with the Colonies expansion! As corporations vie for dominance, explore the solar system, extract valuable minerals, and aid in the terraforming of Mars. This thrilling expansion adds an extra layer of strategy and excitement to the base game, allowing for endless combinations and gameplay possibilities. With its immersive theme, rich gameplay mechanics, and stunning components, Terraforming Mars: Colonies offers an out-of-this-world experience that will captivate both new and seasoned players. Prepare to forge alliances, compete for resources, and shape the future of Mars!

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Embark on an Interstellar Quest with Terraforming Mars: Colonies

Dive into the captivating world of space exploration with Terraforming Mars: Colonies. This thrilling expansion to the beloved Terraforming Mars series takes your tabletop gaming to unexplored corners of the solar system. As head of a powerful corporation, your mission is to expand your reach beyond Mars, exploring and exploiting the vastness of space for resources and dominance.

Unveil the Mysteries of the Cosmos

Terraforming Mars: Colonies introduces a vast array of new strategies and opportunities. As you extend your influence to moons, asteroid belts, and even distant planets, you’ll encounter unique challenges and rewards. This expansion not only adds depth to the base game but also allows for integration with existing expansions, offering a rich and varied experience each time you play.

Lead Your Corporation to Glory

In this expansion, you’re more than just a leader; you’re a pioneer. Establish outposts and colonies, harness resources, and make critical decisions that will shape the future of your corporation. Your choices will determine your path to success, whether it’s through shrewd resource management, strategic alliances, or technological advancements.

Engage in Strategic Gameplay

Terraforming Mars: Colonies challenges players to think ahead and adapt. You’ll need to balance immediate needs with long-term goals, carefully considering every move. The expansion encourages players to explore different strategies, ensuring a fresh and exciting experience every time.

Experience the Richness of Space Colonization

With its immersive theme, Terraforming Mars: Colonies transports players into a future where interplanetary corporations vie for control and resources. The expansion’s detailed artwork and components add to the sense of immersion, making each game a journey into a possible future of space colonization.

Benefits of Terraforming Mars: Colonies

  1. Expansive Exploration: Traverse the solar system, discovering new resources and strategic locations.
  2. Strategic Mastery: Hone your skills in resource management, trade, and negotiation.
  3. Customizable Gameplay: Mix with the base game and other expansions for endless variations.
  4. Immersive Experience: Delve into the thematic depth of terraforming and space exploration.
  5. High Replay Value: With diverse strategies and paths to victory, every game is a new adventure.

Join the Space Age

Terraforming Mars: Colonies is more than just a game expansion; it’s a gateway to a universe of possibilities. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the Terraforming Mars series, this expansion offers a compelling and enjoyable experience. Ready to chart your course among the stars?


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