Summoner Wars (Second Edition) Phoenix Elves and Tundra Orcs: Starter Set


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Only 1 left in stock


Prepare for epic clashes between the mystical Phoenix Elves and the fearsome Tundra Orcs in Summoner Wars (Second Edition): Starter Set! This standalone game includes two complete faction decks, introducing you to the world of Summoner Wars. Command your forces, strategize your moves, and outwit your opponents in fast-paced battles that will keep you on the edge of your seat. With engaging artwork, variable player powers, and intuitive gameplay, Summoner Wars guarantees hours of thrilling entertainment. Embrace the challenge and immerse yourself in a world of magic, conflict, and epic victories!

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Dive into Mythical Battles with Summoner Wars: Starter Set

Engage in mythical battles with the Summoner Wars (Second Edition): Starter Set. This game pack takes you into a world of intense rivalry between the Phoenix Elves and Tundra Orcs.

Inside the Starter Set

Find everything you need for this strategy card game. The box includes two faction decks: the Phoenix Elves and the Tundra Orcs. Each deck has Summoner cards, Champion cards, Common cards, and Event cards. Build your army and strategize to outwit your opponents.

Stunning Artwork and Immersive Worlds

Get ready to be amazed by the artwork. It brings the lush forests and icy tundras of the game’s world to life. As you play, you’ll feel the excitement of your forces clashing for control.

Fast-Paced Strategic Gameplay

Summoner Wars combines strategy and action. Use action points, card play, dice rolling, and grid movement to control your units. Unleash attacks and abilities, and adapt your tactics with variable player powers.

Perfect for Head-to-Head Play

Designed for two players, the game offers an engaging duel experience. Expect 40 to 60 minutes of strategic gameplay per session.

🔑Key Benefits

  1. Tactical Command: Lead mythical creatures and display your strategic skills.
  2. Visually Captivating: Dive into a beautifully illustrated, lore-rich world.
  3. Engaging Mechanics: Experience a mix of strategy and action for intense battles.
  4. Fresh Games Every Time: With two factions and varied powers, no two games are the same.
  5. Fierce Rivalry: Choose between the Phoenix Elves and Tundra Orcs, each with unique abilities.

Embark on Your Summoner Wars Adventure

Will you command the Phoenix Elves or the Tundra Orcs? Join Summoner Wars for an epic journey of battles and strategy.


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