Talisman 4th Edition: The Sacred Pool Expansion


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Only 1 left in stock


Get ready for an epic clash between the forces of light and darkness with Talisman: The Sacred Pool Expansion. Drawn by ancient powers, embark on a quest for the Crown of Command. This thrilling expansion introduces four new playable characters, captivating alternate ending cards, and exciting gameplay twists. Unleash the power of the Sacred Pool as you navigate perilous quests, gather loyal followers, and choose your character’s alignment. With new paths to explore and greater rewards to discover, the fate of the realms lies in your hands. Will you stand in the light or fall into darkness?

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Unleash the Power Within! Talisman: The Sacred Pool Expansion – Dive into an Epic Battle of Light and Darkness!

Welcome to the Ultimate Battle

Prepare for an epic clash in Talisman: The Sacred Pool Expansion, where forces of light and darkness vie for supremacy. This expansion draws you into a world brimming with ancient spirits and powerful entities, all converging in a monumental battle.

New Characters: A Fresh Twist in the Race

The addition of four new characters – the Chivalric Knight, Dread Knight, Cleric, and Magus – intensifies the quest for the Crown of Command. Each brings unique abilities and strategies, enriching the gameplay with diverse tactics.

Alternate Endings: A Game of Surprises

Experience the thrill of unpredictability with Alternate Ending cards. These ensure a unique conclusion to every game, keeping the suspense alive. Your choices determine the fate of the realms, making each playthrough a new adventure.

Equestrian Allies: The Power of Stable Cards

The introduction of Stable cards adds an exciting dimension. These equestrian followers provide vital support, enhancing your journey towards victory. Harness their powers wisely.

Quest Rewards: Added Incentive for Challenges

With Quest Reward cards, the motivation to complete Warlock Quests increases. These rewards introduce an additional element of excitement and challenge, elevating the stakes of your adventure.

Alignment Matters: The Impact of Choices

Character alignment is more crucial than ever. The inclusion of Neutral Alignment cards opens new strategic pathways. Your alignment choices can lead to greater rewards or unexpected perils.

Expansion Contents: A Rich Array of New Elements

The Sacred Pool expansion is a treasure trove of new components. With 72 Adventure cards, 16 Spell cards, 24 Quest Reward cards, and more, it promises a dynamic and immersive experience. The stunning artwork and detailed figures enhance the visual appeal, making each session a memorable journey.

Embrace Your Destiny in The Sacred Pool

Talisman: The Sacred Pool Expansion offers a compelling blend of strategy and storytelling. With new characters, innovative gameplay elements, and the fate of realms at stake, the quest for the Crown of Command is more exhilarating than ever. Step into this world and choose your path – will you emerge as a beacon of light or succumb to the shadows? The power lies within you!


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