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Experience the awe-inspiring world of Tapestry like never before with the Arts & Architecture expansion! Choose from an array of captivating capital city mats and unlock a new advancement track teeming with exciting cards and tiles. Dive into a realm brimming with limitless possibilities as you discover more civilizations, tapestry cards, tech cards, and landmark cards. Take your gaming journey to extraordinary heights with this second expansion, designed to ignite your imagination and immerse you in an unforgettable tapestry of arts and architectural marvels.

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Unleash Your Creativity with Tapestry: Arts & Architecture Expansion – Elevate Your Game to New Heights!

Step into a world where imagination meets strategy with the captivating Tapestry: Arts & Architecture Expansion. Ignite your creative spark and embark on an extraordinary journey that transports you to the pinnacle of artistic and architectural excellence.

With this second expansion, your Tapestry game reaches new heights of excitement and ingenuity. Choose from a variety of stunning capital city mats, each offering a unique blend of aesthetics and strategic advantages. Delve into the depths of the new advancement track, brimming with fresh types of cards and tiles that will challenge your strategic prowess. Uncover the mysteries of civilization as you encounter more civilizations, tapestry cards, tech cards, and landmark cards. The possibilities are endless as you weave your own path to victory.

Enhance your gaming experience with the meticulously crafted components included in this expansion. The game box, elegantly sized at 250x250x60mm, contains all the essentials you need to elevate your Tapestry adventure. Immerse yourself in the beautifully illustrated rulebooks, one for multiplayer and another for solo play, ensuring you have all the knowledge to navigate this captivating expansion.

Let your artistic vision come to life with the aid of eight intricately designed landmark miniatures and five new civilization mats. The inclusion of a science die (d20) adds an exciting twist to your gameplay, infusing it with a sense of unpredictability and exploration. Marvel at the 20 masterpiece cards and the inspiration tiles, four per player, which provide a delightful burst of creativity as you shape your tapestry.

With 20 tapestry cards and 11 tech cards at your disposal, strategic options abound, allowing you to tailor your approach and devise innovative tactics. The addition of five landmark cards and 25 player tokens further enhances the depth and immersion of your gaming experience.

Don’t forget about the Automa feature, comprising 16 cards and 1 tile, offering a challenging and rewarding solo play option that brings the world of Tapestry to life even when flying solo.

Intrigued? Dive into the mesmerizing world of Tapestry: Arts & Architecture Expansion and unlock a realm of artistic mastery and architectural brilliance. Let your imagination soar as you construct your own unique tapestry and witness the beauty of your creations unfold before your eyes. Elevate your gaming experience and unleash your creativity like never before with this enchanting expansion.


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