The Dingo Ate the Baby


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In ‘The Dingo Ate The Baby’ board game, embark on a thrilling and hilarious race filled with cunning dingoes, mischievous babies, and powerful animals. Strategize, sabotage, and outwit your opponents in this fast-paced card game that combines exciting gameplay with a playful twist. Each day, collect cards in your ranch to reach the target value without going over, while using animals, sunlight, darkness, and babies to scare, chase, and even eat things within your opponents’ ranches. With a 30-minute playing time, 3-5 players can dive into the wild mayhem of this 8+ age-rated game. Be the highest scorer without exceeding the target to earn points, and aim for victory as you race to reach 15 points. Unleash your competitive spirit and experience the wild side of gaming!

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Experience Wild Adventures and Strategic Mayhem in ‘The Dingo Ate The Baby’ Board Game!

Unpredictable Challenges: Navigate through a series of unpredictable challenges as you strive to collect enough cards within your ranch to reach the target value for each day. Beware of other players who will attempt to sabotage your progress using animals, babies, sunlight, and darkness. Brace yourself for a wild race filled with surprising twists and turns!

Endless Strategy: Strategize your moves and make tactical decisions to outwit your opponents. Choose from four action options: play a card into your own ranch, play a card into an opponent’s ranch, destroy your own protected card, or discard a card. Each action opens up new possibilities and requires careful consideration. Plan your moves wisely to maximize your chances of success.

Quick and Engaging: ‘The Dingo Ate The Baby’ offers fast-paced gameplay that keeps everyone engaged. With a playing time of just 30 minutes, it’s the perfect choice for a lively gaming session with friends and family. Experience the thrill of intense competition, quick thinking, and laughter as you race against the clock to achieve victory.

Replayability: Every game session is a fresh and exciting experience. With a multitude of strategies to explore and unexpected twists to encounter, ‘The Dingo Ate The Baby’ guarantees endless replayability. Discover new tactics, adapt your gameplay, and enjoy the ever-changing dynamics of each session.

Wild Adventures Await: Embark on an exhilarating journey through the animal-themed world of ‘The Dingo Ate The Baby.’ Lions, dingoes, and babies set the stage for a whimsical and adventurous gameplay experience. Immerse yourself in the vibrant and colorful game universe, where unexpected encounters and thrilling moments await at every turn.


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