Ticket to Ride: London

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Ticket to Ride: London is a quick, immersive version of the renowned board game. Race on 1970’s London double-decker buses, collecting cards, claiming routes, and completing city journeys in just 15 minutes. With fast gameplay, simple rules, and appealing theme, it offers endless fun for all gamers. Hop on for an exciting London adventure!



Quick Adventure Awaits in ‘Ticket to Ride: London’

Experience 1970s London in Just 15 Minutes

Prepare for a thrilling journey through 1970s London with ‘Ticket to Ride: London.’ This fast-paced board game brings the excitement of the Ticket to Ride series into a brief, 15-minute play session. Players will enjoy navigating London’s bustling streets on iconic double-decker buses, absorbing the city’s dynamic atmosphere.

The Classic Game, Now Express

Alan R. Moon, the acclaimed designer of Ticket to Ride, has crafted this compact edition to capture the classic’s essence in less time. It’s perfect for fans seeking a quicker play experience.

Engage in Strategic Play on London’s Streets

In ‘Ticket to Ride: London,’ players race against time, collecting cards, claiming bus routes, and drawing tickets to traverse the city. The beautifully illustrated game board features London’s landmarks and neighborhoods. Strategy is key to connect routes and outwit opponents.

Fun for Everyone

Suitable for 2 to 4 players, this game is ideal for both family and friend gatherings. Its simple rules and swift gameplay welcome both series veterans and newcomers to board gaming.

🔑Key Benefits

  1. Fast-Paced Fun: Race through London’s streets in a quick, engaging session.
  2. Easy to Learn: The game’s rules are simple, perfect for all players.
  3. Captivating London Theme: Dive into the 1970s London atmosphere with a detailed map and iconic landmarks.
  4. Compact and Portable: Easy to carry, this game is great for gatherings.
  5. Always Fresh: Each game offers new challenges and strategies.

Conclusion: Embark on a London Adventure

‘Ticket to Ride: London’ is not just a game; it’s a quick, strategic journey through an iconic city. Whether for a brief gaming session or fun with loved ones, this game delivers a memorable experience. Ready for a 15-minute trip through London?


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