Time Chase Board Game


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Embark on an exhilarating journey through time with Time Chase, a captivating trick-taking board game. As a brilliant inventor who has cracked the code of time travel, you must outwit your conniving colleagues and secure your well-deserved glory. Manipulate the past, change the outcome of events, and become the master of the timeline. With its innovative mechanics and engaging gameplay, Time Chase offers endless strategic possibilities and intense competition for 3 to 6 players. Will you seize control of three pivotal events and rewrite history? It’s time to embark on an epic temporal adventure!

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Discover the Thrills of Time Travel in Time Chase

Embark on a Journey of Innovation: Step into the role of a brilliant inventor in Time Chase. This trick-taking board game pits you against shrewd rivals. Your mission? Secure your legacy by outwitting them in a race through time.

Master the Art of Temporal Manipulation

Experience Time Travel: Time Chase offers an exciting twist. You’ll revisit past events, tweaking their outcomes. This feature demands strategic thinking and careful planning, allowing you to use time travel to outplay your rivals.

Designed for Group Dynamics

Perfect for Various Group Sizes: Whether it’s a small gathering or a larger group, Time Chase is adaptable. Designed for 3 to 6 players, the game keeps sessions short and dynamic, each lasting about 30 minutes. It’s ideal for game nights or as a quick, engaging challenge.

Immersive Gameplay and Theme

Step into a World of Discovery: Time Chase boasts a rich theme of scientific exploration and rivalry. The beautifully illustrated cards and components immerse players in a world of time travel, making the experience more captivating.

🔑Key Benefits

  1. Rewrite History: Change pivotal events to your advantage.
  2. Engage in Intense Rivalry: Be the first to control three events in the timeline, securing victory.
  3. Fast-Paced and Engaging: Enjoy quick sessions that keep players engaged and offer high replayability.
  4. Strategize and Plan: Use your time-traveling abilities to outsmart opponents.
  5. Immerse in a Thematic Adventure: Dive into a world where science meets competition.

Take Control of Time and History

Your Legacy Awaits: In Time Chase, the fate of your genius lies in your hands. Will you outsmart your rivals and reshape history? Gear up for an adventure where past, present, and future merge in a battle for glory!


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