Unmatched: Robin Hood vs Big Foot


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Unmatched: Robin Hood vs. Bigfoot brings together two legendary figures in an epic battle for supremacy. With unique abilities, stunning artwork, and tactical gameplay, this immersive board game will keep you on the edge of your seat. Engage in head-to-head duels, unleash powerful attacks, and immerse yourself in a world where folklore comes to life. Expand your collection, challenge your friends, and experience the ultimate forest showdown in Unmatched: Robin Hood vs. Bigfoot.

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Experience the Ultimate Forest Showdown in Unmatched: Robin Hood vs. Bigfoot – Who Will Reign Supreme?

Gear up for an epic clash in the heart of the forest with Unmatched: Robin Hood vs. Bigfoot! This exhilarating board game pits the legendary outlaw against the towering creature in a battle that will determine the true king of the woods. As Robin Hood and his band of merry outlaws face off against Bigfoot and his elusive companion, the Jackalope, prepare for a game that combines strategy, cunning, and breathtaking miniatures.

Unmatched: Robin Hood vs. Bigfoot offers an immersive and thrilling gameplay experience like no other. Step into the shoes of Robin Hood, master of ranged attacks and cunning tactics, or unleash the raw power of Bigfoot as you crash through the forest in lightning-fast assaults. With each hero possessing unique abilities and a deck tailored to their style, every match promises a fresh and engaging encounter.

The game features a double-sided board with two distinct battlefields, allowing you to immerse yourself in the heart of the forest or the depths of Sherwood. The pre-washed miniatures bring the characters to life, while the custom life trackers and stunning artwork by Oliver Barrett create a visually captivating experience.

1. Engage in Legendary Showdowns: Play as Robin Hood or Bigfoot and experience the thrill of head-to-head battles between iconic characters.
2. Unleash Unique Abilities: Each hero possesses a distinct playstyle and special abilities, providing strategic depth and endless possibilities.
3. Immerse Yourself in Stunning Artwork: The game’s breathtaking illustrations by Oliver Barrett transport you to a world of folklore and fantasy.
4. Expand Your Collection: Unmatched is a modular game system, allowing you to combine different sets and heroes for even more thrilling matchups.
5. Enjoy Exciting and Dynamic Gameplay: Tactical movement, no-luck combat resolution, and variable player powers create an engaging and ever-evolving experience.


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