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Wallet – the thrilling bluffing card game! Rummage for cash and an ID, outwit opponents, and become the richest and most innocent guest! Fun for all ages!

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Introduction to “Wallet”: A Game of Deception and Strategy

Prepare for an exhilarating game of deception and strategy. Step into a world where you’re a guest at a mafia boss’s wild birthday party. Suddenly, the evening takes a turn when the police arrive, and you find the boss’s wallet. Your goal? Prove your innocence, secure some cash, and outsmart your opponents to emerge both rich and blameless.

Dive Into the Excitement

This Game thrusts you into a frenzy of excitement. Search the wallet for an ID to keep you out of trouble and just enough cash to remain above suspicion. You can choose from several actions on your turn, from taking a card from the wallet to using special cards to disrupt your opponents’ plans.

Mastering Strategy and Bluff

Success in “Wallet” hinges on your ability to strategize and bluff. Surprises await at every turn. The challenge? Quickly craft the perfect hand to be declared innocent and wealthy by the round’s end.

Discover the Benefits of “Wallet”

  • Engage in Thrilling Deception: Experience the thrill of outsmarting others in this captivating card game.
  • Quick, Engaging Fun: This Game offers speedy, engaging entertainment, perfect for any gathering.
  • Endless Replayability: The mix of strategy, bluffing, and luck ensures no two games are alike.
  • Accessible Yet Challenging: With simple rules, “Wallet” is great for players aged 8 and up, offering a challenge for all skill levels.
  • Foster Social Interaction: This game sparks lively conversations and laughter, making every round memorable.

Conclusion: Claim Victory in “Wallet”

Are you ready to channel your inner mafia boss and secure your fortune? Seize your “Wallet” and step into a game where cunning and boldness lead to victory.


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