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Design your dream 1950s town in this roll-and-write dice game. Pool resources, hire employees, and race for victory! Ages 10+.



Create the Perfect 1950s Town in Welcome To: 2nd Edition Board Game!

Discover a Nostalgic Era

Are you ready to become the master architect of the 1950s? Welcome To: 2nd Edition is the exciting board game that challenges you to build the best town in the United States. Immerse yourself in the era of drive-ins, poodle skirts, and jukeboxes as you create the ultimate suburban paradise.

🔑 Key Benefits

  1. Innovative Gameplay: Welcome To… is not just any dice game. With its innovative roll-and-write mechanics, you’ll mark results on your score-sheet without using dice!
  2. Massive Player Support: Gather your friends and family because this game supports an incredible 1 to 100 players! Everyone can join in on the fun simultaneously.
  3. Endless Replayability: With completely randomized action sets and diverse strategies, no two games will ever feel the same. Every playthrough offers a new and exciting challenge.
  4. Solo AI Included: Want to play solo? No problem! The 2nd Edition comes with Solo AI, ensuring an engaging single-player experience.
  5. Fast-Paced Fun: Enjoy the thrill of building your town in just 25 minutes. Quick to learn and quick to play, making it perfect for any gathering.

Strategic Town Building

In Welcome To…, you’ll add resources to a shared pool, hire employees, and strategically plan your town. Flip cards from different piles to create action sets, then use the numbers to fill houses on your street. Score points for building parks and pools, and be the first to complete public goals. It’s a race to become the best architect in the neighborhood!

Fun for All Ages

This game supports players of all ages, from 10 and up, making it an excellent choice for family game nights, gatherings with friends, or even solo play. Embrace the spirit of the 1950s and immerse yourself in a world of fun, excitement, and strategic thinking.

Welcome To: 2nd Edition is the perfect addition to your board game collection. So grab your friends, prepare your blueprint, and start building your dream town today!

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