Zombicide Board Game – First Edition


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“The more zombies you kill, the more they come. Team up with your friends as you control individual heroes, find weapons, shoot zombies, gain experience and level up! Complete mission objectives to win the game.”

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Welcome to the Thrilling World of Zombicide

Experience the Ultimate Battle for Survival Against the Undead

Dive into Zombicide, a game where heart-pounding survival action awaits you. As brave survivors, you and your teammates must combine your unique abilities to fend off hordes of zombies. Despite their lack of intelligence, these undead creatures are a formidable force, driven by simple rules and a card deck.

Arm and Strategize for the Zombie Showdown

Sharpen Your Skills and Prepare for an Intense Fight

Your goal is to arm yourselves with various weapons and face the zombie menace head-on. Each vanquished zombie hones your skills, unlocking new levels of expertise. But beware, as your abilities grow, so does the number of emerging zombies. This creates a thrilling race against time, testing your survival instincts to the fullest.

Explore Diverse Scenarios and Customized Adventures

Journey Through Unique Settings and Extend Your Gameplay

Zombicide offers ten exciting scenarios, each set in a distinct location with modular map tiles. For those seeking even more challenges, the game provides additional scenarios available for download. Moreover, you can unleash your creativity by designing your own scenarios, adding a personal touch to the gameplay.

Brace for the Ultimate Survival Challenge

Will You Overcome the Zombie Onslaught?

Prepare for a gripping fight for your life in Zombicide. The relentless undead are ready to strike, and it’s up to you to arm yourself and combat the threat. The fate of humanity hinges on your ability to survive this apocalyptic challenge. Are you prepared to face the undead and secure your survival?

Conclusion: Your Destiny Awaits in Zombicide

A Game Where Strategy, Teamwork, and Courage Prevail

In Zombicide, every decision counts, and teamwork is crucial. The intensity of the game will test your strategic thinking and courage. Will you emerge victorious against the zombies, or will they claim you as their next victim? The thrilling world of Zombicide awaits your brave decision.


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