Introduction to Hellapagos

Hellapagos is not just any board game. It’s an intense survival experience set on a deserted island, where teamwork is crucial, but betrayal could be around any corner. The game challenges players to gather resources, build a raft, and escape before a hurricane arrives. The balance of cooperation and competition creates a dynamic that keeps every game fresh and exciting.

The real charm of Hellapagos lies in its unpredictable nature. One moment you’re strategizing with your friends, and the next, you’re debating who to sacrifice to ensure your own survival. This game is perfect for those who love a good mix of strategy, negotiation, and a bit of dark humour.


Setting the Scene: A Deserted Island Adventure

Imagine yourself stranded on a picturesque yet perilous island. You and your fellow survivors must work together to gather resources and build a raft to escape. But beware, food and water are scarce, and the looming threat of a hurricane adds a ticking clock to your efforts.

💡Game Tip: Collect Water Early

Water is the lifeblood of your survival in Hellapagos. Without it, your team won’t last long. Prioritise gathering water early in the game to ensure everyone stays hydrated. This will buy you precious time to focus on other critical tasks.


Characters and Roles

Each player takes on a unique role with specific abilities that can aid the group’s survival. Whether you’re the Fisherman catching food or the Hunter scouting for resources, your role is vital to the group’s success.

💡Game Tip: Use Each Role’s Strengths

Maximise the potential of each character by playing to their strengths. For instance, let the Fisherman focus on catching food while the Hunter searches for additional supplies. Coordinating roles effectively can make a significant difference.


Gathering Resources: The Essentials for Survival

Survival on the island hinges on your ability to gather essential resources like food, water, and wood. These resources are needed not only to sustain the group but also to build the raft that will be your ticket off the island.

💡Game Tip: Prioritise Fishing Over Everything Else

Fishing is a reliable way to secure food, which is essential for maintaining energy and morale. Encourage your team to fish regularly, ensuring you have a steady supply of food.


The Art of Collaboration: Working as a Team

Hellapagos thrives on collaboration. Players must communicate effectively, share resources, and make collective decisions to ensure everyone’s survival. However, trust can be fragile, and strategic self-interest often comes into play.

💡Game Tip: Share Resources Wisely

While it’s important to share, be mindful of how you distribute resources. Keep a balance to avoid any player becoming too powerful or too weak, which can disrupt group dynamics and lead to conflict.



Weathering the Storms: Facing Adversity Together

The game introduces various challenges, such as storms and resource scarcity, that players must overcome together. These elements add layers of difficulty and require quick thinking and adaptability.

💡Game Tip: Always Have a Plan B

Unexpected events can derail even the best-laid plans. Always have a backup strategy in case things go awry. This could be an alternative resource location or an emergency ration plan.


Navigating Conflicts: The Social Dynamics

Conflicts are inevitable as resources dwindle and the pressure mounts. Players must navigate these social dynamics carefully to maintain harmony and ensure the group’s survival.

💡Game Tip: Build Alliances Early

Form alliances early in the game to secure your position. Trustworthy allies can help you in critical moments and increase your chances of survival.


Endgame Strategy: The Final Push for Escape

As the game progresses, building the raft becomes the focal point. Strategising the final push for escape involves careful planning and resource management to ensure everyone (or at least you) makes it off the island.

💡Game Tip: Save Items for the Last Raft

Hold onto key items until the endgame. These can be crucial for the final raft-building phase and can make the difference between escaping and being left behind.

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🌟Customer Reviews

John S. Hellapagos is a rollercoaster of emotions. The constant balance between cooperation and backstabbing kept me on the edge of my seat. Brilliant game!

Emma T. This game is a must-have for any board game night. The strategic depth and social dynamics create an unforgettable experience every time.

Michael R. Loved the thrill of surviving on the island with friends. Hellapagos is unique and absolutely engaging.



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6th June 2024