The Rise of Escape Room Board Games Which Ones to Try


The Thrilling World of Escape Room Board Games

Escape rooms: a heart-pumping, brain-teasing adventure. But what if you could bring that excitement right to your kitchen table? Enter the world of escape room board games, the latest craze combining the joy of board gaming with the thrill of escape room challenges.


Escape Rooms Go Board-Style

A Trend Taking the World by Storm

Gone are the days when you needed to book a physical escape room. These board games have ingeniously bottled up that escapade into a box, bringing the puzzle-solving thrill to your living room.


Why Escape Room Board Games?

Benefits and Unique Appeal

Why should you get on board (pun intended)? It’s simple: they’re accessible, require no setup, and are a fantastic way to sharpen your mind. Plus, they’re a fab way to bond with mates or have a bit of me-time.


Top Picks for Your First Escape Adventure

Exit: The Game Series

First up, is the Exit series. These games transport you to various scenarios, from sunken treasures to haunted roller coasters. Each box is a new mystery, waiting for your wits to unravel it.

Unlock!: Adventures in a Box

Then there’s Unlock!, a card-based game bringing stories to life. Think of it as a portable escape room in your pocket. Ready to unlock some fun?

Escape Room: The Game

Dive into Escape Room: The Game for a more traditional feel. It comes with a cool decoder and various adventures, testing your puzzle-solving prowess to the max.

Deckscape Series

And don’t forget the Deckscape series. These pocket-sized adventures are perfect for on-the-go fun. Who knew you could escape a deserted island while sitting in your garden?


Setting the Scene for Maximum Fun

Tips for an Immersive Experience

To elevate your game night, set the mood. Dim the lights, play some thematic tunes, and maybe even dress the part. Who wouldn’t want to solve a mystery in a detective’s hat?


Challenges and Brain Teasers

What to Expect in Puzzles and Gameplay

Be prepared for mind-boggling puzzles and cryptic clues. These games test your logic, teamwork, and patience. Remember, two heads (or more) are often better than one!


Playing with Friends or Going Solo

Group Dynamics in Escape Board Games

Whether you’re a lone wolf or part of a pack, these games cater to all. Playing solo? Brace yourself for an intense brain workout. With friends? Enjoy the laughter and collective “aha!” moments.


Kids and Escape Room Games

Family-Friendly Options

Fear not, families! There are plenty of kid-friendly options. Games like Escape the Room: Secret of Dr. Gravely’s Retreat offer simpler puzzles for the young’uns to enjoy.


Expanding Your Collection

Finding More Advanced Games

Once you’ve got the hang of it, dive into more complex games. Titles like The Room series or Escape Tales offer deeper narratives and more intricate puzzles.



Embracing the Escape Game Craze

So there you have it, a beginner’s guide to the mesmerizing world of escape room board games. Whether you’re a puzzle pro or just starting, there’s an escape waiting for you. Grab a game, gather your squad, and let the escapades begin! 🧩🗝️🎲

24th January 2024