walking dead board game

They probably have the numbers, but we have strategy. – Carol

Are you competitive enough to survive the undead?  Can you protect your ‘friends’ from the walkers, only to ditch them in order to save yourself?  Do you have the strategic skills needed to reach the ‘safe place’ fighting against other survivors as well as the infected?  Try out our top 5 deadly board games and bring a new and exciting thrill to game-play with your family or friends and this combination of creative and competitive survival based play.

Caution! Youngsters may require adult supervision due to some graphics and themes.

1. The Walking Dead Board Game

Game of thrones the board game

Only the strong survive in this challenging and entertaining game. Choose your allies wisely before taking off solo for the final stretch. Take time to get to know the rules and instructions for the best game-play, it’ll be worth the time and effort after those initial complications. A relatively quick game for a strategy based game, so choose your character, set up the mat (instead of a board) and enlist up to 3 of your friends to battle it out against challenges and walkers alike. A great choice for fans of the show, though a little on the pricey side.

2. The Walking Dead Monopoly

Monopoly Game of thrones
A themed version of the classic game. You and your friends get to vie for and fortify real estate and resources with customised game play and pieces. As always with themed monopoly, expect to see the free parking square in use and very similar play to the original game. Based more on the original comic version of The Walking Dead than the T.V. series but still as appealing for both as well as classic monopoly fans wanting a slightly different spin on things.

3. The Walking Dead – The Best Defence

Risk Game of thrones

If you’re a fan of the comics or the T.V. show, then this game is a must for you! If you’re not a fan, then this game is still a great, entertaining and enjoyable play with great options for replayability! Take it in turns to lead the team in defending key locations against the walkers, though be warned, defiance comes at a cost! Use strategy (and a little luck) to keep yourself safe and survive the bitten with each new lay up offering a different game play and experience. Build the game up with additional expansion packs giving even more play options. A little difficult to begin with and not a game to be played on a time limit.

4. The Walking Dead – All Out War

Cluedo Game of thrones

Looking for a fast-paced head-to-head game? This is the game you’ve been waiting for! Adult supervision advised for this comic book based, great quality game. Assemble your team, kit yourselves out and then battle for survival in this small scale, appeals to anyone, strategy based game. A great concept, and even though there seem to be a lot of rules, it’s actually not hard to learn how to play. Miniature game pieces along with extra additions to purchase and a good price, make this the perfect game for a small scale survival fix.

5. Risk – The Walking Dead

Game of thrones Trivia

Like Risk? Like TWD? Then look no further! This version of the game provides hours of entertainment for fans of all gaming styles. Different enough to be challenging but similar enough to the original to be appealing for Risk veterans too. Use your wits, strategy and luck to survive against the odds and the undead. A good quality game, strategic and challenging though perhaps a little on the expensive side.

So there’s your summary of the best games available for this extremely popular franchise. Not for the faint-hearted and probably not for those looking for a quick gaming fix, but definitely some worthwhile investments in there and definitely some quality friends/family time and a little healthy competition.

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4th March 2018