Best Board Games to Play Over a Virtual Game Night


Setting the Scene for Virtual Fun

Ah, game night – a tradition as cherished as a perfectly buttered scone. But wait, your mates are scattered across the globe, or perhaps just diligently social distancing. Enter Virtually, your virtual ticket to an evening of laughs, strategy, and a dash of competitive spirit.


The Rise of Virtual Game Nights

Embracing the Digital Dice Roll

Picture this: It’s 2020, the world’s turned topsy-turvy, but human ingenuity prevails. We’ve swapped the physical game table for the digital one, proving that distance is just a number when it comes to fun and games.


Selecting the Perfect Board Game  Virtually

Criteria for Virtual-Friendly Games

Now, not all games are created equal in the realm of pixels and video calls. The ideal Virtual-friendly game should be easy to explain (because, let’s face it, we don’t want to spend half the night on instructions), engaging for all, and have a strong element of interaction.


Top Picks for Virtual Board Gaming

Codenames: The Word Association Wonder

First up, Codenames. It’s simple: two teams, a grid of words, and a spymaster giving one-word clues. The aim? To contact all your agents before the other team. It’s a linguistic labyrinth of fun!

Ticket to Ride: Journey Across the Digital Rails

Next stop, Ticket to Ride. Choo-choo-choose your route and race to connect cities across the world. It’s a strategic escapade that’ll have you plotting like a travel mastermind.

Carcassonne: Tile Tactics on Screen

Carcassonne is all about building landscapes with tiles, and placing your meeples strategically. Think of it as a medieval architect simulator – but way more fun.

Pictionary: Unleash Your Inner Artist

Who needs paper when you have virtual whiteboard feature? Pictionary brings out your artistic side (or lack thereof), ensuring giggles and wild guesses.

Scrabble: Battle of Words

Scrabble – a classic battle of wits and words. This tile-laying word game translates wonderfully to the virtual world, challenging your vocabulary and strategic thinking.


Creative Twists to Classic Board Games

Adapting Monopoly and Clue 

Don’t stash away Monopoly or Clue just yet. With a bit of creativity, these classics can be revitalized. Share the board via a camera, and you’re set for a night of property tycoon dreams or detective dilemmas.


Engaging Everyone in the Virtual Room

Tips for Inclusive Gaming

Key to a successful game night is ensuring everyone feels included. Mix up teams, keep the chat lively, and maybe even throw in a thematic virtual background for added flair!


Tech Tips for a Smooth Game Night

Essential Virtual Settings and Tools

To avoid a techno-tantrum, get familiar with Virtual app features. Screen sharing, breakout rooms for team games, and the chat function can elevate your game night from good to great.



Wrapping up the Virtual Board

So there you have it, folks. With these games, your virtual game night is destined to be a hoot. Remember, it’s not just about winning – it’s about the laughs, the strategy, and, most importantly, the memories made across screens. Happy gaming! 🎲🖥️👍

22nd January 2024