catan board game


 Manufacturer: Mayfair Games

Ages: 10+

Game Play: 1-2 Hours


So if I asked you to name the top 10 board games, I can guarantee I can name 5 of them. The veterans of the board game world are classic, household names. Monopoly, Scrabble, Cluedo, Risk and Trivial Pursuit are long standing champions and reigning monarchs of family get-togethers and oftentimes, family feuds!

But what about the other 5? Board games are constantly being developed, revamped and reinvented but are we missing the innovation in favour of the traditional?

Catan (previously known as The Settlers of Catan) is now in it’s 5 th edition and features in almost every top 10 list that I’ve seen including those of Techadvisor, Metro and The Independent. So let’s get to know this dark horse a little better.



After a long, arduous and deprived journey through troubled waters, you’ve finally found land… but so have others! As immigrants to a newly populated island, it’s your task to create a settlement and expand your colony. Build roads, further settlements etc., harvest commodities and trade natural resources to develop your land and eventually gain supremacy. It’s a race to settle so brush up on your bartering skills, stay smart, keep your eyes on the opponents and use your cunning when necessary. The first one to 10 wins…GO!

Catan: The Underdog of Board Games?


This is a fun and dynamic game for the whole family and a great way to bring family and friends together. This latest edition is more detailed and varied than previous versions though the quality of the pieces isn’t always the greatest.

The game has excellent replayability with a changeable board for varied game play and over 5 expansion packs available to increase difficulty, playing time and a greater gaming experience.

Strategy and logic (with a little bit of sneakiness) are what’s needed to rule and conquer in this game where all players continue playing until a winner is crowned. Although this game creates a good, competitive tension, you can play in the assurance that it won’t cause any actual arguments.

It can take a few games to fully get into the experience and understanding of the rules but once you do, it makes for some great game play. A firm favourite for families, friends and a great excuse for a get-together at any time.

Reasonably priced and definitely worth it.

I will just say that there are a few counterfeit versions around, so make sure that you’re getting it from a reputable retailer and you certainly won’t be disappointed.

So, although not as notorious as its peers, a definite worthwhile investment, a great way to spend time with loved ones and for sure a rising star.

27th February 2018